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Top 5 Amazing and Inspiring Home Interior Design Trends to Lead in 2019

5 Amazing and Inspiring Home Interior Design Trends to Lead in 2019

We are almost at the end of 2018 and a new year will be born within few days. With the on-set of a new year, not only the date changes but the new brings complete new concepts, new designs and new everything in the year. The designing trends and interior decorations for 2019 have already started making the headlines and people have started exploring the best interior design options for their homes to make it more luxurious and cozy to enjoy happy moments in 2019. Out of a plethora of options we have researched, reviewed and gathered some of the best home interior designs in 2019 for your inspirations.

If you are starting the New Year with a new project then here are some of the unique home interior designs trends and tips to select from. Choose the best and add your own charm to the design to get the desired results. Here are the top five home interior trending designs and tips that will be of interest and help to you.

Materials and Finishing

Materials and FinishingEach year there is remarkable progress in the usage of home interior design materials, and how it is manufactured. The constant elevation of the bench mark of materials gives complete new horizon to the designers to experiment with. The usage of light feather glasses with the irregular veins of echoing found on the marble. The mesmerizing oval shaped tables with asymmetrical legs and enchanting glass tops with vein pattern offers a sensual and dynamic view. This designing trend of using materials with irregular vein designs in different materials will be in 2019 best interior designs.

Colour of the Year

Colour of the YearThe designing trends list will be incomplete if we do not include the colour shade of the year. So here is the best colour shade for 2019 that will mark the chart – Coined Nightwatch Green. The colour looks much more beautiful than the name as it sounds. The perfect combination of hunter and bottle green makes it look amazingly attractive on the matte black and shiny finishing. If it is a full room then minimal but impactful usage should be considered for this colour like adding a deep green rug or textile with vibrant colour especially in the room where the luminous marble floor is used.

Convertible Dwellings

Convertible DwellingsAs per the latest designing changes, the convertible dwellings are in trend. Right from the murphy beds to the movable walls and dynamic built-ins’ to smart furniture. The usage of the convertible dwellings will be intriguing in 2019, after everyone wants a smart home interior design that gives space for long conversations and makes the smartest usage of even the smallest space. The practical use of convertible dwelling will enhance the usage of space with smart ideas in 2019.

Compact and Multi-use Furnishings

Multi-use FurnishingsAs most of the people moving towards the urban city home so even designers are capturing the latest designs that offers smart and multi-purpose options of furniture that consumes lesser space and offers maximum facilities. Sounds complex but as it is said ‘necessity is the mother of inventions’, such complex requirements in the year have led to the latest designs of compact and multi-useable furnishings in 2019. The furnishings used in the home interior designs will be adaptable even in the challenging room space but splashing maximum facilities to make it a popular trend in 2019.

Boho Design

Bohemian Interior DesignThe Boho Style has never faded away completely and it will never. The impact of the Boho Design has a great effect on the interior designing world since more than a decade. The rich and great style of offset layered theme simply adapts with any age and time expressing a great sense of design. Just like every other year, the boho design impact will also enhance the beauty of several home designs the coming year in 2019.

Come Back of Terrazo

Come Back of TerrazoEven the ever-popular designs of Terrazo will be topping the charts of designs in 2019. It is no surprise that the decorative and extra gorgeous usage of composite materials from the chips of marbles and quarts or granites will enhance the beauty of the home. The tactfully played design of Terrazo enables designers to add beauty to anything and everything using it. Whether it is your flooring or lamps or ceiling or shower curtains (in prints), it matches perfectly.

Statement Ceilings

Statement CeilingsEvery year there are several new designs for wall papers and new excitements about the paintings and lightings but what about the ceilings? We have all seen the smart games of accent walls and wallpapers installations but it’s the time for new ceilings. Yes, the year 2019 will see variety of designs in ceiling, making complete new buzz in the market, taking a step ahead in the interior designing zone. Just like the molded ceilings from the 20’s and visually impacting covered ceilings that makes the room look larger and brighter.


The list of trends and designs is huge but out of all these are some of the best.

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