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Bedroom Interior Designing Tips to Make it Sleep-Friendly

Interior Designing Tips to Make Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

In the fast paced life style, it has become very difficult to get a complete eight hours sleep. On top of that if your bedroom interior designing is not sleep friendly then it can make your life much more difficult. There are several studies which has already proven that complete sleep is not only good for health but for our overall wellbeing. Moreover, it has also been proven by studies that bedroom which is sleep-friendly can help you fall asleep faster. For example, if you are late in office, even if you want it will not be comfortable enough to have a disturbance free sleep. Similarly, if you are travelling or waiting in airport, you will not feel like sleeping. So there are certain effective tips following which you can make your bedroom sleep-friendly for better health and happiness.

In order to make things easier, we have listed the tips into eight different points which you can follow as per your requirements. So here’s the list of bedroom interior designing tips for making it sleep-friendly:

Cooling Temperature

Cooling TemperatureThe first and foremost thing that you need to ensure is that you get the right temperature in your bedroom. The ideal temperature should around 21 to 23 ℃. You can also take a bath before going to sleep by which your body temperature rises and when it cools, you get completely relaxed and feel sleepy.

Avoid Clutter

Avoid ClutterIf your bedroom is full of daily use items and things that you keep at one hand distance then it is time to remove the clutter from the bedroom. If your bed is not clean or it needs a complete new set of sheets or pillows then buy one of it. Before sleeping at night, do not junk your bed with eatables or food packets that leaves smell across the room. Use a room freshener and keep the curtains closed.

Reduce Noise

Reduce NoiseWhether you have a habit of listening to music or watching movies online, keep the volume to minimal as possible. Close all the windows and curtains so that none of the external noise disturb you fall asleep. If you have a dog at home then train it to stay inside the kennel at night or not to bark unless needed. Passing cars, trains, buses can also have lot of disturbance for which you can take recommendations from the professional interior designers.

Use Dim Lights

Use Dim LightsLighting is very important for effective sleep. Some people do not get proper sleep if it is fully dark, while some have the habit of sleeping only if it is completely dark. So try to understand your sleep process and install dim lights as per your requirements. You can use night lamps that best suits your bedroom décor. Warm and dim lights also send help in adding beauty as well as signal that it is time to hit your bedroom.

Move Screens Off

Move Screens Off If you have television, projector or habit of using mobile before sleeping then avoid such habits. The back-lit light waves passed by these mobile or television screen can also affect your sleep and keeps your brain in wake mode. Flipping the channels and website will ultimately spoil your sleep cycle taking over your health. Ideal way is to put off all your laptop work, television and mobile surfing hours before sleep.

Get the Right Bed

Get the Right BedNeedless to say but for those who are struggling with a hard bed that is not comfortable should look for better infrastructure to get a comfortable sleep. If you are having frequent back aches or muscle catch after sleep then either your bed is too hard or you are not using the right pillow. The size of the bed should be as per your height and pillows should support your back. If you do not have enough space for bedding then you can consult the professional interior designers for foldable furniture with bedding facility.

Using Right Colours

Using Right ColoursBedroom is one of the most important part of your house. So, the colours used in the bedroom should be light tone and gives you relaxing as well as pleasant experience. Bright colours and high tone changes the mood of the person in the room. Believe it or not, the colours have large influence on our moods. Green, blue and yellow shades are highly sleep inducing colours which you can choose with consultation of interior designers.

Using Aromatherapy

Using AromatherapyAromatherapy is nothing but relaxing and calming your senses with the right scent of smell in bedroom. There are several studies which has proved that right scent can induce you to sleep and calm your senses. To avoid any kind of foul smell, remove leftover food items, clean carpet regularly and ensure that the room is ventilated.


These are some of the major tips which you can follow and share your experience with your friends. If you wish to add or need professional assistance with bedroom interior designing or complete home interior design then contact us at +65 9061 5051 or email to Sweet Dreams!

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