Guide to Decorating Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home

Are you planning to upgrade or update your home interior design? Most people refrain from thinking out of the box, simply because they believe they do not have enough money to execute the ideas they have in mind. Well, what you need to realize is that house interior design does not have to be complex at all. Even with a limited budget, you can enhance your home interior design. Singapore is home to many talented designers who can help you bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate guide to decorating your home in Singapore:

Discover Your Style

Discover Your StyleThe first step is discovering the style that suits you best. Of course, this process takes time and you might not be able to find results overnight. Therefore, you should adopt a trial and error approach. Try different ideas till you come to the option that is perfect for you. Naturally, you need to be flexible and open to new ideas, as each new space you inhabit will probably require you to select a different style. This reason is why you should work with a professional interior designer.

Play with Lights

Play with LightsLighting is a crucial component of modern interior design. Homeowners today are opting for layered lighting throughout their home. They have the option to control the lighting at different times of the day, and in different parts of the home. For example, you can increase or reduce the brightness, depending on the natural light coming in to your home. You also have the option to add accent lighting.

Come Up with a Brief

Come Up with a BriefWork with an interior design company to create a brief that outlines what you are seeking. Of course, you might choose to work on your own, and even then, you should take a systematic approach to home interior design. The idea behind creating a brief is visualizing the final version of the design that you want for your home. You also need to include other pertinent details, including the time frame for completion as well as your budget.

Borrow Ideas

Borrow IdeasYou should not limit yourself when it comes to ideas for your house interior design. You can check out the widest possible range of designs, borrowing ideas. Add ideas that appeal to you to your list. Working with an interior design company Singapore side will enable you to source ideas from the best of home décor around the region. And you do not have to restrict yourself to design ideas. You can also take inspiration in terms of products and materials that you can use for your home.

Don’t Buy Immediately

Don’t Buy ImmediatelyYou can negotiate with store owners to allow you to try different items before you make a purchase. Bringing home a rug and checking whether or not it gels well with the overall design is a good idea, rather than plumping down a wad of money right away. Keep in mind that store owners are open to the idea of allowing you to sample the stuff they have on offer. All you have to do is ask.

Create a Mockup

Create a MockupYou can get a better idea of your living space by creating a mockup. Do not assume that this process is time or cost-intensive. You can simply draw the layout of the room on a whiteboard and you are good to go. Obviously, if you have the energy and resources, you can use your shed or garage to understand the space available to you. Working to scale using other items, such as masking tape or even cardboard boxes, can help you determine where you want to place your furniture and the other things that go in the room.

Avoid Clutter Consciously

Avoid Clutter ConsciouslyYou have to leave room for people to move around. Gone is the age of clutter. You cannot have people squeezing through or having to waltz past furniture. Do not have your family and visitors walking through a maze, simply because you have excess items in the room. You have to be cognizant of the fact that clutter will affect your living experience negatively. Also, make sure you account for adequate storage space in each part of your home. Plan the cabinets, shelves, and other storage items that you can add to your living space. Otherwise, controlling clutter will prove a major challenge.

Pay Attention to Cushions, Curtains, and Chairs

Pay Attention to Cushions, Curtains, and ChairsYou have to pay attention to even the smallest of items that make up the décor of your home. The key to modern house interior design is picking cushions, curtains, and chairs that complement the theme. This reason is why you have to figure out the theme and style you want to go for, so that you can pick each item accordingly.

Follow these steps and you can take your home interior design game to the next level!

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