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HDB Residential

HDB Residential Design

We design comfortable, well-optimised and functional living spaces that complement your lifestyle needs.


Condominium Design

We create interior designs that integrate our creativity into a beautifully crafted living space.

Landed Housing Design

Landed Housing Design

Our designs take care of every square foot to transform your house into a dream house.

Commercial Design

Commercial Designs

We create unique corporate interiors. Our designs keep the balance between styling and optimal space utilization to deliver a world-class environment.


Zenith Arc- The most inspiring boutique interior design company in Singapore encompasses decades of experience and skills to design beautiful homes and offices. Our firm in Singapore focuses on all aspects of interior design and provides innovative solutions for residential and commercial spaces to create a unique environment that suits the needs of your space.

Our team of top-tier interior designers provide innovative interior design solutions that are both functional and inspiring. We bring our clients’ visions to life by creating designs which meet and exceed expectations within a budget.

We’ve garnered attention as the best interior design company in Singapore by transforming design ideas into reality. We commit to understanding our client expectations and outline the most important aspects of design. Our interior designers help transform our clients’ imaginations into a modern space where they enjoy plenty of open space, exceptional aesthetics and the comfort that they deserve.

We understand each project is unique and a different approach is required to cater to different expectations. We’ve streamlined the process by understanding, researching, brainstorming, designing and executing a project. The outcome is a beautifully crafted and pixel matched interior design of your home or commercial property that meets your budget and requirements. This approach makes us one of the top recommended interior design companies in Singapore. Our highly skilled and creative interior design team has hands-on experience working with almost all sectors, from large corporations to small companies, and apartments to villas.

Compared to other interior design firms in Singapore, Zenith Arc is considered a trusted name for HDB residential, condominium, landed housing and office interior designs. Our interior designers take a unique approach for each project to provide stunning ideas and an execution which leads to a well-ventilated and spacious environment for your home and commercial space. We garnered a long list of satisfied clients by executing designs our client loves, using quality materials which are long-lasting, and providing the best competitive rates. All this makes us one of the most popular boutique interior design companies in Singapore.

Jordan Toh Director

Jordan Toh

Managing Director

Why Choose Us For Your Interior Design Needs?

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Zenith Arc is a well-known and established boutique interior design company in Singapore. We provide thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions for homes, offices and commercial spaces for families, companies and individuals. Our team of professionals understand client needs and transform our clients’ visions into a reality which is not only aesthetically beautiful but very functional in character.


Dedicated and Professional Support

We have a dedicated and professional interior design support team to provide support for your questions and concerns.



Premium Quality Material

We only use premium and long-lasting materials. We do not skimp on the job and spend on materials for a worry-free future.


Meticulous Planning and Advice

We aim to exceed our client expectations and go the extra mile. We empathise with our clients and provide the best interior design solution by giving professional advice.


Filled with Creativity

Creativity is a major core skill possessed by all designers in our company. We execute extraordinary ideas and artistic works while integrating functionality into our designs.



Designs are crucial but our experienced interior designers are flexible to amend our design to your functional requirements without compromising artistic work.


Detail-Oriented Designers

We pay attention to the texture and colours of all chosen materials to bring out liveliness and create a more unique and modern environment.

Home Interior Services


The field of interior design is constantly evolving. People are choosing to adopt modern design ideas, new colours, decorative items, gadgets and fabrics. Interior design companies in Singapore and beyond must adopt new trends and come up with design ideas that align with current trends and our clients aesthetic preferences.

At Zenith Arc our ethos is to deliver innovative interior design ideas complementing modern trends and our clients’ tastes, expectations and lifestyles. Each client is different and has different views when it comes to interior design or renovation services.

Our remodelling contractors help to renovate various corporate, commercial establishments and residential spaces to impart a professional, classy and relaxing environment. Our interior design team and remodelling contractors work together to give you best-expected results for your home or company within your budget. If you’re seeking the best renovation services, look no further than Zenith Arc.

We are committed to providing unmatched results to all our clients through eye-catching design, quality materials, pixel matched installations and exceptional customer support—all at a reasonable price. When it comes to interior design firms in Singapore, people trust Zenith Arc because we take a personal approach to understanding our clients’ requirements. We consistently go beyond client expectations to deliver designs that add a modern look as well as provide ample free space.

Singapore’s Trusted Interior Design and Contracting Company

Our boutique interior design company in Singapore is well versed in producing a variety of different interior design schemes to suit our clients’ various tastes and preferences. From modern to minimalist interior designs, Scandinavian to industrial home designs, our team of experienced and passionate interior designers have the right skills and knowledge needed to execute your preferred style. Choose us as your contractors for your interior design needs. Our extensive portfolio provides a glimpse into the top-quality work we’ve produced for our clients.

Engage our interior design company to experience a range of comprehensive design and renovation services for your space in Singapore. We are committed to thinking outside the box to provide you with customised, modern solutions tailored to your lifestyle or business needs. Our designers are interested in understanding not just the concrete expectations you have for your interior designand renovation project, but the values you hope to see imbued in your residential or commercial space.

Our firm consistently endeavours to go beyond design fundamentals. Zenith Arc interior designers are dedicated to improving ourselves and our skills. We take courses and gain accreditations to provide our clients with the best interior designs work possible. All our company’s interior designers are equipped to provide professional advice on top industry trends, as well share recommendations regarding important aesthetic decisions like the best colour palette and materials to use, or where to source the furniture or amenities you hope to furnish your space with.

Additionally, we also create 3D drawings and detailed sketches of potential designs for our customers to provide a preview of the plans in store for their homes or commercial spaces before starting on renovation work. Our in-house carpenters work closely with our team to allow seamless execution of all projects under our care.

If you are seeking the best boutique interior design company in Singapore,  get in touch now at +65 9061 5051 for further discussion.


1. How can I tell if Zenith Arc is indeed the best interior design company for my needs?

We understand that making a decision can sometimes be tough, especially with so many interior design firms in Singapore. Here are three things you can do to help you decide on whether we’d be the best interior design company for you:

  • Take a look at our online portfolio to get a gauge on whether our style, aesthetic sensibility and professionalism meets your interior design goals
  • Check out the what other customers think of our services
  • Book a free consultation with us for a better feel of our design philosophy and suitability

2. I’m not yet certain on the kind of interior design work I want from a contracting company. Can you help me with professional recommendations on the best trends and styles in Singapore’s interior design scene?

Most definitely. Our team of experts at Zenith Arc will be more than happy to guide you through conceptualisation during the consultation process. You can also visit our blog for useful tips, the best trends and detailed written guides on everything related to interior design and how to pick out a top interior design firm that will meet your design or renovation goals.

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