445A Clementi Ave 3

The Qanvast-certified project is located at Clementi Ave. The new BTO with 3 rooms uses a modern and contemporary style in the design.

Renovation Price:$54,000 SGD
Completion Time:10 weeks
Design Style:Modern & Contemporary
Year of Project:2023
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Works Included

Hacking Wall
False Ceiling

A Little About Project


Project Details

Closed-concept kitchen concept with both dry and wet areas covered with simple floor tiles. Grey wall in style with the light grey sofa in the living room looks modern and stylish. Modern blue kitchen cabinet with white tabletop as well as breakfast bar focus on their functionality. The study room with a half-glass partition has made the area looks clean and spacious. A cozy window seat and the customized L-shaped office desk installed in the study room allow users to have a better workspace. A full glass partition separated wet and dry areas in the bathroom to keep the area clean and safe. L-shaped ceiling top wardrobe installed in the bedroom with a white surface and wooden brown frame.


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