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Be it commercial or modern home interior designs, we believe in designing brilliant interior spaces that stand the test of time. This philosophy is exhibited in everything that we do – from our initial proposal and project execution to the final output.
Personable, distinctive, innovative and adaptive – our work is who we are. Find out what differentiates us from others in the world of interiors. Navigate our works by swiping left or right to check out our latest projects.

Why Choose Zenith Arc?

At Zenith Arc, we have all it takes to handle any type and size of commercial interior design projects, across all industries. Our interior design consultants will provide their expertise on space management and maximisation, which seeks to optimise the potential of your commercial properties while injecting life, functionality, convenience and comfort. We reimagine your workspace and enhance your brand message by tapping into the power of current trends, enabling you to stand out in a crowd of competitors.

To us, each project we undertake is unique. We work alongside you to create exceptional, bespoke and future-proofed commercial spaces.

Over the years, our design works continue to evolve along with your expectations and changing consumer behaviour, whilst retaining the authenticity of your brand. No matter the complexity of your expectations, expect no less from our interior design team. In short – if you can dream it, we can design it.

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If you are looking for a reliable interior design team that has the capabilities to deliver unmatched results, Zenith Arc fits the bill.
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1. What counts as a commercial interior design project?

In short, the interior design of any space where business is conducted—be it an office or even a retail store—counts as a commercial interior design project. We understand that homes and businesses serve very different needs, and that the nuanced set of needs presented by a commercial space is best met through specialised commercial interior design.

2. What is Zenith Arc’s approach to commercial interior design projects?

At Zenith Arc, we believe in manifesting a company’s values and brand image through each individual commercial interior design project. Regardless of what industry you operate in, our design will be exclusively tailored to your business and facilitative of productivity in all business conduct and operations.

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