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Custom Home Interior Design

At Zenith Arc we understand that house interior design is an integral part of everyone’s life which reflects your personality, taste of the things you like and quality time that you spend with family. Our aim is to create a perfect home which brings design to life. Each client is unique and so are their requirements, at Zenith Arc we clearly understand this and offer fully customized home interior design service that incorporates a unique approach, modern interior and beautiful aesthetic look. We are helping you to as a home interior design company to create the next chapter of your modern home, whether it is a house interior design or home renovation project. Our interior designers do this by customizing the house journey to suit you, your family and your home. Check out our modern & industrial house interior design portfolio to gain more insights into our work.

House Interior Design

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Process-driven house interior design approach

The Process

The important thing in any modern home interior design is to utilize the space intelligently, right infrastructure at the right place and best use of lighting. With a smart and innovative interior design, you can transform your HDB flat into a cosy and homely living space. So when we start understanding and observing the space availability in detail then we majorly focus on the idea of your dream home and what your requirements are. We tend to get the complete requirements on the table, analyse the current market trend, identify the best possible ways to enhance the expectations of the client and then create the final blueprint.

We take a complete holistic view of your property when it comes to home interior design. We do the analysis of your property, your lifestyle, your requirements and your expectations while creating the blueprint. We ensure that your living room, kitchen, balcony, bedroom, bathroom and even the storeroom matches your taste of design. We believe in bringing your dream house to life with our expert touch. Please take a look at our portfolio and call or email to set up a consultation to find out more about our interior design services in Singapore.

Home Consultation


We discuss with our customers, internal team, vendors and expert consultants before starting any work on our clients’ homes.

space design planning

Space & Design Planning

We analyse the space available and required to utilize it in the best way possible. The entire designing plan starts with space planning.

Confirmation of ContractConfirmation of Contract

Whether you have a big or small house, we identify the best designs that suit your lifestyle, infrastructure that matches your personality and map your expectations to our home interior designs. So once everything is in place and the budget is approved, we move to the contract confirmation.

Material Selection

Material Selection

Building a sustainable design that lasts long for several years is the sign of perfect home interior designing. For best results, we only use best in class materials and high-quality products.

renovation process

Renovation Process

Right from the unnecessary structure to outdated furniture and making new space to implementing the latest infrastructure is what covered in the entire renovation process.

Handover Process

Handover Process

Our team will give complete tour and know-how of which things are installed where after the successful completion of the modern home interior designing project.

Make your dream home with our interior design

At Zenith Arc we understand your emotions attached with your home. We respect our client’s expectations and create extraordinary living spaces that match your expectations. We take a unique approach for every house interior design project, and we take pride in bringing your ideas to real life with our design. As one of the leading home interior design companies in Singapore, we are committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction and creative solutions for every project. Our team of experienced interior designer beautify your living space and give aesthetic look to your home where you love to live. If you are looking for modern home interior design or contemporary design for your house, our team is capable of delivering your dreams home into a reality.

Visit our work section to see our extensive portfolio of completed work. Contact us on +65 9061 5051 or drop an email at jordan@zenitharc.com.sg to get cost estimation for house interior design work.

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