Design & Renovation

Transform your commercial space to help enhance your brand image. Utilizing the latest design trends and industry standards makes us one of the most trusted commercial interior design companies in Singapore.

We have put together many offices and commercial properties with our commitment to developing the best commercial interior designs that suit your needs. Zenith Arc’s interior designers transform ideas from our client’s imagination into spatial realities.


At Zenith Arc, our interior design company believes in fostering open communication and transparent dialogues with our clients. We understand the importance of optimizing budgets and enhancing existing interior design concepts for modern commercial property transformations. Whether your commercial space is large or small, we strive to provide innovative ideas that align with your company’s values and create a harmonious working environment.

Furthermore, we will furnish you with a comprehensive breakdown of costs associated with the package, ensuring complete transparency about the allocation of your funds. Moreover, during every stage of the interior design process, we will keep you well-informed about expenses and budgetary impacts, enabling you to make informed choices and adhere to your budgetary constraints effectively.



We stand by our commitment to understanding our client’s expectations and identifying the best possible ways to innovate and deliver superior interior designs for their commercial property.

Space & Design Planning

Proper planning of office space is important to ensure an intuitive and productive working environment. Business-related infrastructures should also be taken into consideration as part of the interior design process.

Confirmation of Contract

We will kick start renovating the office upon the client’s confirmation of the finalized interior design plan and accompanying budget proposed by our team.

Realistic 3D Drawing

Provide real-world 3D drawings for your illustration before starting the renovation.

Cross-Sectional Drawing Discussion

It helps in communicating design concepts and ensures that the finished interior design meets the client’s needs and functions as intended

Material Selections

We pride ourselves on using only high-quality materials to deliver the best interior design results possible.

Renovation Process

We remove unnecessary structures and outdated furniture to make space for necessary business infrastructures during our renovation process.

Handover Process

After the successful completion of the commercial property design project, our team will provide a complete tour of the facilities, infrastructure, and new additions implemented in your office.


Tell us about your idea, and we will provide you with a non-obligatory quote.

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