HDB Residential

HDB Residential Design

We design comfortable, well-optimized and functional living space that complements your lifestyle.

Condominium Design

We create interior designs that integrate our creativity into a beautifully crafted living space.
Landed Housing Design

Landed Housing Design

While designing we take care of every pixel and craft out so it transforms your house into a dream house.
Commercial Design

Commercial Design

We create unique corporate interiors keeping the balance between styling & optimum space utilization to deliver a world-class environment.


Zenith Arc- The most inspiring interior design company in Singapore encompasses decades of experience and skills to design beautiful homes and offices. As a firm in Singapore, we offer all the aspects of interior design and provide innovative design solutions for residential, commercial spaces that create a unique mood and magic that suits the needs of your space.

Our team of top-tier interior designers provides innovative interior design solutions that are both functional and inspiring as per our client’s requirement and bring their vision to life by creating designs which meet and exceed expectations within a budget.

We garnered attention as the best interior design company in Singapore by transforming design ideas into reality. We first understand our client expectations and outline the most important aspects of design and then our interior designer transforms our client’s imagination into a modern living space where they enjoy plenty of open space, exceptional design and comfort that they deserve.

We understand each project is unique on its own and requires a different approach that caters to our client’s expectations. So we streamlined the process by including understanding, research, brainstorming, design and project execution. The outcome is a beautifully crafted and pixel matched interior design of your home or commercial property that meets your budget and requirements. This approach makes us one of the trusted and recommended top interior design companies in Singapore. Our highly skilled and creative interior designer team has hand-on experience working with almost all industries including large corporations to small companies and apartments to large villas.

Compared to other interior design firms in Singapore, Zenith Arc is considered as a trusted name when it comes to design of HDB Residential, Condominium, Landed Housing and commercial space. Our interior designers take unique approaches for each project and give stunning ideas and execute it which leads to a well ventilated and spacious environment for your home and commercial space. We garnered a long list of satisfied clients by executing designs that our client loves, using quality material which are long-lasting with best competitive rates, which make us one of prominent Singapore based boutique Interior Design Company.

Jordan Toh Director

Jordan Toh

Managing Director

Why Choose Us?

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Zenith Arc is a well-known and one of the best interior design companies in Singapore, providing thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions for home, office and commercial spaces for companies and individuals. Our team of professionals understand the client’s needs and transform their vision into reality which is not only aesthetically beautiful but very functional in character.


Dedicated and Professional Support

We have a dedicated and professional interior designer support team to give you unwavering support & solution of your queries.


Premium quality material

Uses only premium and long-lasting material. We do not skimp on the job and stint on materials for a worry-free future.


Meticulous planning and advice

Renovation planning to exceed all client expectations and going the extra mile. Empathize on all client situations, doubts and provide the best interior design solution by giving professional advice.


Filled with Creativity

Creativity is one of the major core skills. We bring out extraordinary ideas and artistic work but at the same time integrating your daily life functionality.



Designs are crucial but with our experienced Interior design, we are flexible to amend design with your functionality requirement without compromising artistic work.


Detail-Oriented Designers

We pay attention to all materials texture and colours to bring out liveliness in your room and creating a more unique environment.

Home Interior Services


The field of interior design is evolving and trends have evolved every year, people adopting modern design ideas, new colours, decorative items, gadgets and fabrics. So interior design companies must adopt new trends and come up with the design ideas that match with current trends and client aesthetic.

At Zenith Arc our ethos is to deliver innovative interior design ideas that compete with modern trends and our clients’ taste, expectation and lifestyle. Each client is different and has different views and expectation when it comes to interior design or renovation services. When you are choosing renovation services you are seeking the best service. Our remodelling contractors help to renovate various corporate, commercial establishments & residential spaces imparting professional, classy yet relaxing look to space. Our interior design team and remodelling contracts generally work together to give you best-expected results for your home or company within your budget.

We are committed to providing unmatched results to every client through eye-catching design, quality material, pixel match installation and exceptional customer support all at a reasonable price. When it comes to interior design firms in Singapore, people trust Zenith Arc because we take a personal approach for all the clients and understand our client requirements, we go beyond our client expectation and deliver a design that adds a modern look as well as provides ample free space. If you are seeking the best Interior Design in Singapore then get in touch now on +65 9061 5051 for further discussion.


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