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Zenith Arc is a team of skilled architects and designers specializing in condo interior design in Singapore. Our expertise can transform your home into a welcoming and personalized space. Whether it’s a simple upgrade or a complete renovation to optimize space efficiency, we are equipped to handle any project with professionalism and attention to detail.


New condo*$25,000 to $40,000
Resale condo**$25,000 to $125,000

*Average cost only.

**Depends on how old the condo is and how many times its ownership has been changed.

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ItemNew Condo Cost*Resale Condo Cost*
Wall hacking and works$800 – $1550$800 – $1550
Flooring$3 – $20 per square feet$3 – $20 per square feet
Ceiling works$3 – $25 per square feet$3 – $25 per square feet
Electrical works$400 – $2200 per installation (depending on services)$400 – $3000 per installation (depending on services)
Plumbing$550 – $1100$1100 – $6250
Bathroom fittings$300 – $800 (depending on the quality of fittings purchased)$300 – $1000 (depending on the quality of fittings purchased)
Painting$900 to $2,200$900 to $2,200
Tiling$6 – $14 per square feet$6 – $14 per square feet
Carpentry works$150 – $450 per feet$150 – $450 per feet
*All costs shown are estimates. The table above is meant as a general guide, and does not include additional costs for consultation fees, labour, or purchase of furniture and furnishings.



All of our condo renovation projects begin with a thorough consultation between clients, our team, vendors, and any other necessary expert consultants. This enables us to map out the entire project package, firm up a timeline, and visualise what the final product will look like.

Space & Design Planning

After the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough planning session using the condo layout. This is to see how much space we have to work with, as well as conduct feasibility studies for certain design choices.

Confirmation of Contract

The go-ahead for the convo renovation only proceeds when all aspects of the design plan have been approved by clients, contractors, and other third-party consultants. Our projects do not move forward until the client is fully satisfied with the final plan.

Realistic 3D Drawing

Provide real-world 3D drawing for your illustration before starting the renovation.

Cross-Sectional Drawing Discussion

It helps in communicating design concepts and ensures that the finished interior design meets the client’s needs and functions as intended

Material Selections

Once we’ve confirmed the final plan, here comes the fun part! Clients get to choose their materials for tiling, floorwork, paint, built-in carpentry, and more. Zenith Arc’s condo renovation consultations are fully customizable to give clients the flexibility to meet their design goals.

Renovation Process

During the condo renovation period, our expert designers will liaise with sub-contractors, update clients on work progress, and handle any changes that may be necessary due to supply issues.

Handover Process

Finally, once the client is satisfied with the final outcome of the condo renovation, we will conduct a handover.


Tell us about your idea, and we will provide you with a non-obligatory quote.

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