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5 Japanese Interior Design Decor Ideas for Singapore Homes

Japanese interior design is a wonderful way to make your home feel like a traditional Japanese house. While a lot of people may not be sure of what this style entails, it’s, in fact, actually quite simple and easy to achieve. You can start by adding tatami mats and rice paper screens in the living room, for instance; these are just two examples of things that you can do with little effort. This blog post will explore some more ideas and give you an idea of what is possible through Japanese interior design decorating ideas for Singapore homes.

Get Started with These 5 Japanese Interior Design Decor Ideas

1. Opt for bamboo sliding doors

As a start, why not change things up with bamboo sliding doors and rice paper screens instead of doors? It’s an easy way to connect the Japanese interior design style from room to room. Combined with expansive windows, your bamboo sliding doors can also maximise the natural light entering your home, a useful way to make small houses feel larger.

2. Introduce natural materials into your space

Besides this type of sliding doors, accentuating your home with straw, wood and bamboo furnishings can bring out the beauty of nature indoors. As Japanese interior design mainly revolves around natural materials, this is something you must have in every Japanese-inspired setting.

Additionally, select furniture pieces that come with low legs to mimic the Japanese style of interior design. This can include your coffee table and bed stands, for example. You may also love the idea of a platform bed or have your mattress placed directly on the ground.

As an extra touch, keep a lookout for traditional Japanese plants like bonsai and bamboo to add around your space.

Modern Japanese Bedroom

3. Choose light colours

In terms of colours, you’ll want to pay more attention to soft, muted tones that will make up the overall colour palette of your home. Decorating your interior in lighter shades such as white and cream can slowly bring this same sense of style into your home with ease. This can come in the form of cotton curtains and floor cushions, for instance. Ultimately, make sure you keep your interior simple and clutter-free as you shop for your furniture essentials.

4. Embrace minimalism

To enhance the relaxed atmosphere of your Japanese-influenced home, don’t forget to take a minimalist approach to your home interior scheme. Less is more when it comes to Japanese home decor so take your time to look for what works best for your place. The result can be breathtaking as you put together living spaces that you are bound to love coming home to.

5. Give Japanese soaking tubs a try

One last tip: Transform your bathroom with a Japanese soaking tub. These small, deep tubs – also known as ofuro – can make a great addition to promote calmness and serenity. Made with Hinoki wood, your soaking tub can be a welcoming retreat to unwind in after a long day at work, a simple way to make your place feel more zen. Clad your bathroom in rocks and tiles but refrain from mixing too many materials. Remember, simplicity is key to achieve Japanese interior design.

Get Started

Japanese interior design is a trend that has been growing steadily in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. The minimalism of Japanese homes can be seen as an oasis from the busyness of modern life. To pay homage to this style, it is always a good idea to consult your trusted interior design firm in Singapore for some of the best ways to complete your Japanese-inspired home. Find out more expert tips when you get in touch with Zenith Arc today!

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