Condominium Renovation


Sometimes, all it takes is a little sprucing up to make your condominium emanate brand-new vibes and ambience. Condo renovation packages are key to giving your beloved abode a much-needed makeover, either by freshening up interiors you have grown out of or giving it a small spin for a new appearance. Luckily, our boutique interior design firm in Singapore has a team of designers equipped with years of experience and expertise to offer you the best condo renovation services.

Whether you’re planning for a full-scale renovation for your resale condo unit (think floor hacking, remodelling and tiling) or a small-scale project, as a reliable renovation company in Singapore, we offer packages with a full suite of condo renovation services. By working with us, you get to actualise your vision for a stunning, fresh and contemporary condo.

Personalise Your Condo Renovation

Having worked through countless condo renovation projects, big and small, in Singapore, Zenith Arc should be your go-to provider when it comes to top-of-line outcomes. Intelligent modern condominium interior design, smart storage solutions, whimsical colour palettes and visually pleasing combinations of art and furniture – whatever your mood board may contain, we can provide you with a condo renovation package that checks all the boxes. Our team of professionals will work tirelessly to help you actualise this dream condo.

From complementing patterns to living large in compact spaces, there is no idea or vision that our professional designers have yet to come across in condo renovation projects across Singapore. Bridging conventional design ideas with intriguing new elements, we aim to surprise you beyond your expectations. View our highly-raved condo projects to see what our condo renovation packages can offer.


Have some renovation plans in mind for your resale condo or brand-new condominium unit? Get in touch with our condo renovation team here in Singapore for more information on our condo renovation packages. With customer experience and top possible outcomes in mind, we are committed to delivering only the best to our clients. Contact us today for a consultation – let us help you figure out the details and work on a range of options best suited for your condo renovation plan in Singapore.


1. My condo has a set of specific rules for renovation work. Will this be a problem?

This will not be a problem. We understand that most condos in Singapore have their own rules regarding the renovation of every unit. At Zenith Arc, we have developed our own proven processes and methods to work around most of these rules while still delivering on your condo renovation goals.

2. Can the moving of fixtures be done through condo renovation?

It is definitely possible, but doing so can be costly in terms of both renovation fees and the time taken, especially in Singapore. However, we at Zenith Arc have perfected the art of blending new design elements with old ones, such that you can achieve your condo renovation goals through innovative design techniques without necessarily having to move fixtures.

With our team of the best interior designers in Singapore, you won’t have to worry about fixtures getting in the way of achieving your dream look for your home.

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