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Is it Possible to Pull Off the Eclectic Interior Design Style?

There is a common misconception that the eclectic style of interior design is just too difficult to pull off. The truth, however, is that there are plenty of examples out there showing that it can be done with ease. To successfully pull off the eclectic interior design in your abode, here’s how you can get started with these 4 key tips:

A Guide to Eclectic Home Interior Design in Singapore

1. Decide on a core colour scheme

Even for eclectically styled spaces, there’s usually a colour scheme to unify the various elements. As you’ll be mixing two or more disparate interior design styles, you’ll want to create cohesion throughout the space while accentuating the uniqueness of your space. With the wrong move, it can look mismatched and distracting with clashing colours. 

When approaching your home interior design with specific tones in mind, you can then expect a vibrant yet harmonious end result. Depending on your colour preferences, you can move forward to plan and assemble your one-of-a-kind eclectic interior.

2. Work around a focal point

The idea of keeping a home’s interior design style “consistent” is one that many people subscribe to, but those who are considering the eclectic design style may find it can be quite a challenge.

As you pick out your favourite furniture pieces, it’s a good idea to have a focal point in mind and build from there. For instance, it can be a patterned carpet, an eye-catching fabric sofa or a striking feature wall to anchor the overall design for the living room. Wallpapers are a great place to start, topped off with your favourite collection as supporting pieces.

Start with a few unique furniture pieces and decor accessories but most importantly, don’t rush the process and take your time to organise the eclectic aesthetic of your home.

3. Layer textures and patterns the smart way

Similar to colours, the same applies to textures and patterns as they will play an important role in defining your eclectic space. Think about the type of textures and patterns you want and reflect it across the room to add visual interest. This is why knowing how to layer the various pieces will be essential to achieve balance and refrain from overdoing eclecticism. Contrasting fabrics in your curtains, pillows and carpets can echo similar shades while being entirely different in terms of texture.

4. Keep the eclecticism consistent

With eclectic interior design, it’s all about maintaining a sense of balance amidst mixing and matching. 

Yet, don’t forget the purpose of each room. The bedroom, for instance, should promote comfort and relaxation to unwind for the night. Keep the eclectic setting in moderation here when deciding on the various furnishings so that you’ll have a restful haven at the end of the day. 

On the other hand, if you’re applying the eclectic interior design style in only one room, remember to create a smooth transition to the next room through the use of colours, textures and patterns.

For Custom Home Interior Design That’s Distinctly Your Own

In a nutshell, building an eclectic home is a slow yet enjoyable process as you gradually personalise your space with the things you love. It’s far harder to achieve if you’re new to experimenting with this style. With so many different styles and countless combinations to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. But don’t worry! With Zenith Arc, we’re here to help you put together an eclectic space. If you’re looking for a boutique interior design firm in Singapore, look no further than Zenith Arc as your trusted interior design company. 

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