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Office Interior Design in Singapore

An office with dull shades, dim lighting and congested areas can contribute to lowered morale and spirits. Given that employees are spending significant amounts of time in the office, the atmosphere and decorum should be lively and refreshing so that employees enjoy their time there and do not feel zapped of energy at the end of the day. One of the best, Zenith Arc is a leading interior design company in Singapore focused on modern office design and office renovation service in Singapore aat highly competitive rates. We are here to provide award-winning office interior design services to match your needs. Our interior designers bring creative ideas and innovative solutions applied to renovation projects can transform any office space into a masterpiece. Check out our portfolio for more information.

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Our Unique Approach for Modern Executive Office Interior Design

Our Approach

Planning, designing, sourcing, implementing and managing office design can be a challenging task. The objective of the office renovation is to offer a stress-free and refreshing design that enables your staff to feel energised and productive during office hours. Regardless of the business segment, there is a lot of information that needs to be gathered before initiating an office interior design package. Business requirements such as expansion plans, space constraints, daily employee routines and new facilities male up the research process for commercial office interior designs.

As one of the best office interior design companies, we analyse gathered information, map the latest trends, create a blueprint and present to our clients. Details, including meeting rooms, storerooms, office walls, ceiling, furniture, lightings, infrastructure, carpeting and even the bathroom sanitary is taken into consideration when constructing a designing plan. Whether you are designing a new office or redesigning an existing property, our office interior design firm in Singapore will give the best in class office design services. From commercial and modern to industrial and sustainable office interior design projects, our designers come with experience and expertise in delivering successful projects in Singapore.


Experienced Team

Handled by the best modern office design consultancy service in Singapore, you can rest assured that office renovation and upgrading services are in good hands.



Understanding your expectations, identifying the best possible ways to innovate and offering superior office interior design services is how we do it best.

space design planning

Space & Design Planning

The planning of space is pretty important because utilizing the space with the right infrastructure as per your business segment can be instrumental in creating a well-planned office space.

Confirmation of Contract

Confirmation of Contract

Based on the final office interior design proposed by our team and once customers confirm, the budget is finalised, allowing us to begin the action plan.

Material Selection

Material Selection

We believe in offering the best in class services and top-notch results so we pride ourselves on using only high-quality genuine materials.

renovation process

Renovation Process

We remove unnecessary structure and outdated furniture to make space for implementing the latest infrastructure in our renovation process.

Handover Process

Handover Process

After the successful completion of the office design project, our team will provide a complete tour of the facilities, infrastructure and new additions implemented in your office.

Solution for Your Office interior design

We understand the importance of good workplace design, it can be representative of your business ethics and values. With years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we bring cutting edge solutions having understood market trends and cost-effective office interior design to deliver unique workplace renovation strategies. When you consult us for office interior design – be it eco friendly, or commercial – our consultants take a unique approach to understand your work culture and give recommendations that will transform your values into reality.

At Zenith Arc, our objective is to turn visions into reality. Our office interior design process is consistently aligned with client expectation, inspirational ideas while keeping in mind business objectives and maximum space utilisation strategies to create a better work environment where employees are motivated to work. For the best corporate office interior design services, consult us today for a truly fulfilling experience.

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