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Regardless of how big or small a workspace is, an office with dull shades, dim lighting and congested areas can contribute to lowered morale and spirits. Given that employees are spending significant amounts of time in the office, the atmosphere of the office should be lively and refreshing so that employees do not feel zapped of energy at the end of the day. Zenith Arc is a leading interior office design company in Singapore focused on modern office design and office renovation services at highly competitive rates.

We are here to provide award-winning office interior design services to match your needs. Our interior designers bring creative ideas and innovative solutions to transform any office space into a masterpiece. Check out our portfolio for more information.

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Our Unique Approach to Modern Executive Office Interior Designs


Our Approach

Planning, designing, sourcing, implementing and managing office design can be a challenging task. The objective of an office renovation is to offer a stress-free and refreshing design that enables staff to feel energised and productive during office hours. Regardless of the business, there is a lot of information that needs to be gathered before initiating an office interior design package. Business requirements such as expansion plans, space constraints, daily employee routines and new facilities make up the research process for a good commercial office interior design.

As one of the best interior design companies in Singapore, we analyse gathered information, map the latest trends, create a blueprint and present it to our clients. Details, including meeting rooms, storerooms, office walls, ceiling, furniture, lightings, infrastructure, carpeting and even the bathroom are taken into consideration when constructing a design plan. Whether you are designing a new office or redesigning an existing property, our interior design firm in Singapore will provide you with the best in class office design services. From commercial and modern to industrial or sustainable office interior design projects, our designers come with experience and expertise in delivering successful interior solutions throughout Singapore.


Experienced Team

Our experienced team of interior designers has years of experience and hundreds of projects under our belts. We have designed commercial spaces and tonnes of residential homes, matching different styles and functionalities. Rest assured that your office renovation and upgrading projects are in good hands with our modern design consultancy services in Singapore



We stand by our commitment towards understanding our client’s expectations and identifying the best possible ways to innovate and deliver superior interior designs for their offices and workspaces.

space design planning

Space & Design Planning

Proper planning of office space is important to ensure an intuitive and productive working environment. Business related infrastructures should also be taken into consideration as part of the interior design process.

Confirmation of Contract

Confirmation of Contract

We will kick start renovating the office upon the client’s confirmation of the finalised interior design plan and accompanying budget proposed by our team.

Material Selection

Material Selection

We pride ourselves on using only high-quality materials to deliver the best interior design results possible.

renovation process

Renovation Process

We remove unnecessary structures and outdated furniture to make space for necessary business infrastructures during our renovation process.

Handover Process

Handover Process

After the successful completion of the office design project, our team will provide a complete tour of the facilities, infrastructure and new additions implemented in your office.

Our Solutions for Your Office Interior Design Needs

We understand the importance and significance of a good office design as our workplaces can be a representation of our business ethics and values. With years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we bring cutting edge solutions for your office interior design needs with our understanding of market trends and cost-effective solutions. During our consultation session on your office interior design needs, we will inquire a little more about your company and work culture to provide recommendations on how best to incorporate your company values into a well-designed office space.

We believe that aesthetics and functionality go hand-in-hand. For example, if your business is founded on principles of environmental sustainability, we will provide suggestions on eco-friendly interior design solutions for your office—think fabulous green foliage walls, large windows for natural sunlight, and furniture made of sustainable materials like wood. Likewise, if you are a start-up seeking a modern, commercial aesthetic for your office with an industrial twist—imagine exposed beams, a blend of wood, brick and concrete materials for your office furniture and feature walls, and accent pieces in brass or silver to complete the industrial-chic vibe. Our interior designers will take your company’s unique perspectives into consideration for the best possible results for your workplace in Singapore.

Our interior design firm values clear communication and transparent discussions with our clients to help them make the most of their budget and refine whatever pre-existing interior design ideas they may have for an office makeover. No matter how big or small your office space may be, Zenith Arc endeavours to bring inspired ideas to help align your company values with your working space. Our office interior design process is consistently tailored to client expectations as we keep in mind business objectives and strategies for maximum space utilisation to generate better and more productive working environments. As experts in providing modern interior design solutions with an eye on industry best-practices, we’re confident in our ability to create innovative and functional designs for corporate, commercial, and other office types and aesthetics in Singapore.

For the best corporate office interior design services in Singapore, consult Zenith Arc today. Observe as your ideal office transforms to life before your eyes with the hard work of our talented team of interior designers and contractors. Let’s work together to design your dream office.


1. What does Zenith Arc’s office interior design package include?

At Zenith Arc, we offer a range of services. From colour and material advisory to the eventual renovation works, our office interior design package effectively meets all the needs of a project at hand regardless of its complexity. Be it office renovation or basic upgrading projects, our packages cover everything from start-to-end, including office design consultancy services through to the final handover process, which also consists of a tour of your brand new office space.

2. What is the difference between office interior design services and that of residential contractors?

Office buildings have different standards and regulations compared to those of residential buildings. Knowledge of these standards and guidelines must be abided by when working on design plans and during renovation processes. An experienced office design company that works alongside skilled office interior designers, like Zenith Arc, will be familiar with these building codes. Attaining planning and renovation permits and designing an office environment that is conducive for your employees will also be easier when you leverage our office interior design services.

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