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Office Renovation in Singapore

Better utilisation of the office space can be achieved with proper office renovation design, you can save much cost by making smart use of every available space. The striking visual of your new commercial office renovation plays a vital role in attracting your customers. And it gives them a feel of your professional business setup. Moreover, small office renovation in Singapore is not limited to smart space utilisation. Renovations also ensure structural changes that support the safety and security of the staff. The colourful structures and designs enable employees to be more productive and excited about innovations. Structural changes in offices can include furnishings, decorations, paints, paintings, etc. Whether it’s the remodelling of existing space or innovating a new office space, it is a huge task that requires years of experience and expertise. Providing a better working environment can enhance the functionality and productivity of your employee. By considering this fact during the office interior renovation process, it enables us to provide a well-structured workplace where your employees would love to work. Choose Zenith Arc for the remodelling of your workplace design. We endeavour to become your truly reliable office remodelling and office interior design company in Singapore.

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Office Remodeling Contractor in Singapore


Our Process

Zenith Arc‘s office space renovation process is divided into 4 phases: understanding, design, development and delivery. In the 1st phase, we listen to our clients and understand their office remodelling goals. After requirement gathering, we come up with a ball rolling cost estimation for the renovation project. Once you agree with the price, we enter the 2nd phase. Here, we develop a detailed structural plan for the office renovation which turns your expectations into a reality. During the development process in the 3rd phase, our professional contractors start executing each part of the construction plan in a logical manner, to ensure timely work delivery. In the last phase, our work will be ready for your review. We only consider our remodelling project complete when you are truly satisfied with the work.

Determine Project Scope

Space Planning

Office space planning and understanding the ergonomics for optimisation is the first step. Based on the thorough analysis of the requirements, our team will ensure that every square foot of the space is well used and managed.

Design Master Plan

Professional Interior Designing

We have an experienced team of interior designers and architects with whom the entire plan of remodelling and innovating the office space is consulted. Creative designs, 3D drawings and conceptualisation of the design are created for a unique business workflow.

Refine Design per Budget

Innovation and Creativity

We understand that there are many commercial renovation companies that can provide support in office remodelling. But if you choose us, you can be assured of added value because we take pride in providing innovation and creativity.

Drawing and Permits

Hand Picked Team

We choose the most experienced team which can provide instant results and best-in-class service to our clients. All our associates, architects and interior designers are highly qualified and experienced. We will provide you with a project manager for all your queries and additions regarding home and office renovations.

Start Construction

Ultimate Results

Once we start the project, we define a deadline for ourselves so that we can deliver the project to customers before they expected. We do not believe in procrastinating and making the process cumbersome. All contractor liaising, safety measures and budget finalising are taken on by our team.

Zenith Arc’s Office Renovation Services Singapore

Zenith Arc is a leading and professional office renovation service provider in Singapore catering to a wide range of customers, from small to large companies. With a proven track record in renovating commercial spaces, our clients across Singapore have trust in us for the quality of service and technology we use. The creativity and innovation that we deliver with advanced technology are what sets us apart from others in the market. We have a team of highly experienced and expert office renovation contractors and architects who have strong knowledge in managing small to large projects, in any given time.

In the past decade of commercial office renovation projects in Singapore, we have been part of several transformational projects delivering exceptional results to our clients. The simple reason why we are still leading in the competitive industry is due to our ability to deliver the top quality services and experience to you, at the most cost-effective budget. Whether you choose us for a small or large project, you can be assured we offer superior results with exceptional customer service.

Hire Our Office Remodeling Contractor

Office renovation generally includes modification in the existing interior of the office or commercial space. There are several reasons for hiring an office renovation contractor, including outdated interiors, moving to new premises, freeing up space, and rearranging seating arrangements. Our remodelling contractors have an excellent track record in the delivery of renovated office spaces. This is testament to our astounding workmanship, structural design, outstanding interior design ideas and budget-friendly approach. Our qualified office renovation contractors will first understand if your office/commercial/business space requires a minor adjustment or a complete renovation. And based on that, we’ll then come up with a price estimation for you.

Our services include:

  • Complete office renovation
  • Office addition and modification
  • Office strengthening and structural changes
  • Office moving and redesigning
  • Lighting, furnishing, and color renovation

At ZenithArc, our aim is to provide professional office renovation service in Singapore that delivers great results in a timely manner and at competitive rates. Our office renovation contractors are ready to undertake your project. So get in touch with us now and call +65 9061 5051 or email us at


1. As a top interior design firm, how experienced is Zenith Arc in commercial office renovation?

Zenith Arc has a demonstrated portfolio of work for commercial renovation projects in Singapore. Our team of designers has undertaken multiple projects of varying types and sizes across all industries. Equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to tackle any of your home and office renovation needs, you can rest assured that we will deliver optimal results as an office renovation company.

2. How much does office renovation cost?

The cost of renovating an office in Singapore differs from one project to another as it is highly dependent on the complexity, size of the space, furnishing costs, and consultation fees. At Zenith Arc, we conduct office space planning and make a thorough assessment of the requirements to bring your preferred office interior design styles to fruition. Get a free quotation from our office renovation contractors and consultants to compare office renovation costs.

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