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Jin Zhuang
Submitted 2 Dec 2019, Designer Hugo

Zenith Arc, Hugo – affordable renovation with good attitude

Prices out there are quite competitive. Zeninth Arc was in the mid range of 5 quotes we received. They included Blum hinges which are soft closing and considered as better quality. We chose our ID Hugo because he was persistent and appeared the most sincere in wanting to engage us, but not in a pushy way. He was prompt in his replies when we had queries in the first place.

Hugo appears to be slightly inexperienced in the field as he is quite young. Some things for example wrong colour used for vanity top could have been avoided if he helped us to check that the colour was what we chose before installing. Defects like laminate not sticking well should have been rectified before we need to highlight to him.

However, he tries to make it up by doing his best in fixing the problem. He was never rude and he always tries to explain to us why certain things are done certain ways. He would reply us promptly and ensure that our questions do not go unanswered.

Was your designer able to propose solutions to meet your needs?

I would say our design for the house was quite simple. Hugo was able to propose solutions and ideas for many of them. There was only one incident where a solution for the vanity table was not able to be done until we insisted for it and Hugo was still able to find a way around it

How did your designer handle requests for changes/rectifications?

Our designer was quite agile in handling our requests even though we didn't have many. Hugo also did rectifications for us without any additional charges.

How was the service and workmanship quality?

The workmanship could have been better. There were several defects like laminate popping and drawers hitting onto each other which I felt were not acceptable. There were also defects on our original flooring which were created during the renovation by the workers. However so far after 2 months, so far so good.

Share what the most outstanding quality about your designer is

His willingness to try to make things work

Share an area that your designer could improve on:

He needs more experience and more judgement on whether something is okay or not.

Was your designer able to keep to your budget and timeline?

There were some additional costs which were not originally in the quotation however not very significant. Also because we had a very tight timeline, we were unable to actually see the full drawing and have already started on the renovation. Hugo managed to complete the renovations in 3.5 weeks

Submitted 28 Apr 2019, Designer Kayla

Great Renovation Experience With Zenith Arc

We came to know about Zenith Arc through registration in the Qanvast App. Kayla who is our ID assigned to us had done a marvellous job throughout the entire renovation process of our new apartment. At the design stage, besides paying attention to our requirements, she was always very creative and came up with practical alternatives for our consideration. She also displayed an open mind to whatever we suggested, and tried to work out the best solutions based on our requirements, instead of dismissing our ideas from the beginning. She paid close attention to details and was consistent in making clarifications with us to ensure that we had really thought through what we really wanted before we made a decision. When we had any clarifications, she was always prompt in her responses.

After we had received the keys to our apartment in dec 2018, we wanted to move in as soon as possible. Although she could only start the renovation process in Jan 2019, through her great coordination, she was able to meet our tight timeline, and we managed to move in before Chinese New Year in early feb 2019. The after sales service was great too after we had moved into our new house. For areas which required rectifications, Kayla made an effort to remedy them as soon as possible, and all to our satisfaction. We are indeed very fortunate to have her as our ID.

Submitted 10 Feb 2020, Designer Alan

A wonderful home reincarnation

It was not a difficult choice in selecting Alan as our Interior Designer from one of the Qanvast's "Meet the Designer" event. He was flowing with ideas and enthusiasm upon seeing our old flat's design, which is due for renovation. As each of the family member has different preference, Alan did a wonderful job in integrating the different themes for all the rooms, hall , dining and kitchen. The colour matching was perfect. Cabinets carpentry quality was good. His follow-up was excellent, always responsive to our queries and requests. He was present at site on most days to ensure the quality of work is always maintained to the smallest of details. Thank you Alan for making our place a wonderful place to call "Home".

Lim Wee Kiong
Submitted 28 Apr 2019, Designer Kayla

Recommended Designer

i would like to recommend ID, Kayla, from Zenith whom i engaged recently for my new house. She is very patient, responsible and very detailed. As i was in a rush to move in by end Mar, she ensured that everything was done properly and completed on time. To avoid any rectification, she discussed with us in details every aspect of the design. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for an ID.

Razi Rafee
Submitted 24 Jan 2019, Designer Paul Koh

Our scandinavian dream home

We got to know about Zenith Arc online and through facebook. Our ideal home concept was scandinavian with a warm feel.

Paul Koh was definitely our right choice of ID. He gave his most honest opinions and rectified all the problems quickly. He gave us the best quality product options that we are looking for. He gave us variety of options to choose from. Most importantly, we could get along with Paul well which makes us comfortable sharing our thoughts about the house. Workmanship was good too!

Even though our reno took a longer time than planned due to personal commitments, Paul still managed to squeeze in all our appointments to expedite the process.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the outcome of the renovation. Our dream home came true. 🙂

Wendy Lee
Submitted 23 Jan 2019, Designer Paul Koh

Excellent Completed Home

Our ID, Paul, is friendly and has a strong sense of responsibility throughout the entire renovation process. He is a patient, sincere, down-to-earth and honorable person. He worked closely with us to achieve a truly persononalised home. He is very responsive and is easily reachable. He rectified every unforeseen issues and always ensured that works were completed well to the very end, meeting our expectations. He has selected an excellent carpenter who has delivered high quality carpentry with commendable after-sales-service. We are extremely pleased with our completed home. Thank you Paul for your commitment and dedication. We recognize and appreciate your effort and perseverance to see this project from the start to the very end, accounting for every detailed requests made for a perfect finish from our perspective.

Cheryl Tan
Submitted 29 Oct 2019, Designer Paul

Reno for 5-room resale HDB

We started with researching and comparing quotation among many different reno companies. Eventually we decided to go with Zenith Arc as the design suits our requirements. Most importantly there was a simple 3D sketches provided to us to have a feel of how our house would look like with the design and layout even before we decided to go with them. The price quoted was reasonable. Paul had been very helpful in providing suggestions throughout the journey including choosing of tiles, colors of furniture etc. He is also very accommodating with changes to plan as long as the the work has not been done yet. The carpentry works are nicely done with good quality. We are very happy that our house looks the same as what was in the final 3D plan with very minimal color variance. The overall ambience is comfortable to stay. People who visited our house love the design, we certainly would recommend Paul to our friends who are looking for ID.

Wl Liew
Submitted 14 May 2019, Designer Alan Leong

What We Envisioned Is What We Got

Zenith arc was one of the 5 referred IDs from Qanvast. After meeting all 5 IDs, Alan gave us the most confidence that the company is able to deliver what we wanted. He was very proactive and proposed us ideas instead of just taking down what we needed. The proposed idea made use of the space in our house very efficiently and we were sold by his ideas. Moreover, he was very transparent in explaining the breakdown of the cost. No hidden charges or surprises.

Throughout the renovation, Alan was always easily contactable and he was very meticulous with the work required. We constantly received updates and he will also ensure that the works run smoothly and done up to a high standard. This put us at ease especially when we were busy with work and unable to supervise the ongoing works. Also, he was always able to accommodate to our last minute requests.

The workmanship from the contractors partnering Zenith Arc were excellent. We were impressed by the effort in ensuring that the little details were all covered. We have little to none complaints about how well each space was built.

It was a job well done. Given a chance,we would engage them again.

Lily Low
Submitted 18 Apr 2020, Designer Alan

Zenith – Alan designer

Was introduced to Alan from Zenith Arc by my cousin who had just completed her house renovation and highly recommend their service. We went to a few IDs and finally decided on Alan as he made us feel comfortable, giving suggestions and ideas based on our budget. He worked within the timeframe and will try to help whenever possible, even after hand over. Definitely a trustworthy guy to work with.

Heather Wong
Submitted 7 Sep 2019, Designer Jordan Toh

ID with excellent attitude and great after sales service

Hiccups will always happen during renovation. What matters is finding a good ID who is responsible and has a great attitude. Jordan is one such ID. When things happen, he does not deny it and will immediately step in to rectify the issue. The carpenters, electricians and other workers he worked with are also mild-natured with good attitude. Not like some ah Beng ID or contractors which I’ve seen from reno or furniture fairs. Conversations are very civilized. I did my reno in end-2015 to early 2016. On off I may have some minor reno issues or wear and tear over the years. Till now, almost four years after my reno, Jordan will still step up and assist! Recently, he just helped me change the track for my wardrobe and installed some vents for my TV console. All FOC! He’s an absolute gem of an ID!

Alicia Seah
Submitted 22 Jun 2019, Designer Jordan

Shop Renovations

We had engaged Zenith Arc for our shop renovations. From the start, Jordan has shown enthusiasm and always been fast to response to our enquiries and requests. Throughout the entire process, Jordan has always been patient with our requests on amendments and gave us good pointers and recommendations as well. It has been a great experience working with Jordan on this project. Will definitely recommend him to my friends

Submitted 29 Mar 2019, Designer Jordan

Good job

After meeting different design firms, my husband and I decided to engage in Zenith Arc.

Working together with us was Jordan Toh.

Jordan was all ears when we gave him a rough idea of what we wanted our home to look like. He worked through and did a 3D drawing for us to visualize and we were blown away. He added things which would further bring out the concept which we wanted. He also managed to work within our budget and tight schedule..he was prompt in replies never missed any messages from us.

Overall workmanship of the whole house was done with little rectification works needed.

Definitely didn't regret choosing Zenith Arc, they made our dream home come to reality!

Tango Tan
Submitted 6 May 2019, Designer Jordan

Just as what we expected – Great design and service

We shortlisted three IDs and after meeting them, we chose Zenith Arc. We felt comfortable working with Jordan as he is very detailed, gave us good advice and easy to work with. Furthermore, during my 2nd catch up to look at the floor plan, we also got to look at some 3D images (at no cost, we have not decided if we want to work with him yet) which is very useful for us to make our decision.

Jordan communicated well with us on the floor plan design and quotes. We go through every single line together and he explained well to us on each area. We also asked a lot of questions and Jordan did not hesitate to give us his advice and reply during meetings and on the whats app group chat. He also replied promptly on our change requests and rectifications are changed shortly. Not much delays.

We loved the workmanship though not 100% perfect I must say, but the quality and some areas are very well-taken care off. Some delays on 3D images which we requested to update on the chosen tiles/colour of cabinets/wall etc but it was all good as these are minor details. Jordan has ensured the project run smoothly without any prompting or monitoring from us and it was delivered well ahead of the promised completion time.

Jordan helped us to realise our dream home and we are enjoying every moment in it!

Weiyou Low
Submitted 11 Jan 2020, Designer Alan Leong

15 months later going well

This is a one year 6 months after renovation review:

We got to know Zentih Arc from one of my camp mate as he is one of the director of the company. I quickly got in touch with him to help us to design our very first property.

As he was too busy managing Zentih Arc, he strongly recommended Alan Leong who went through with us what we had in mind and presented to options for us to consider. He was friendly, professional and responsive throughout the renovation period of few months and even after renovation completed, was still following up on matters that require slight modification.

We are happy with Zenith's service and giving us the peace of mind when undergoing renovation. Everything is still going well after 1.5 years, no leaks no breakages whatsoever, Thank you!

Carl Schelfhaut
Submitted 30 Dec 2018, Designer Paul Koh

Well balanced Quality versus cost

Zenith Arc was chosen from a selection of offers made responding to my RFQ. After the initial details were communicated on how I saw the layout and ‘new look’, things developed well and in the right direction of how I imagined it. Throughout the renovation there has been a steady and constant interaction with Paul Koh and replies to queries and questions came promptly and accurately and with a proposed solution. Change requests weee handled where possible, and where not, a reason was given why it wasn’t possible. Workmanship and quality of materials used at this point are good. We’ll see in a year when the “warranty” runs out. Overall Zenith Arc is very responsive, flexible and correct. At no point was there a feeling of being overcharged or pushed into spending more. In that respect the company upholds a very honest relationship. Of course, time line and budget were overshot but that’s purely our own fault - I’m quite sure that happens everywhere. In summary: good and honest experience.

Pauline Quek
Submitted 29 Dec 2019, Designer Alan Leong

Kudos to Alan from Zenith Arc

We got to know about Zenith Arc through my ex-colleague who engaged Alan to be the ID for his home. When I viewed the photos of my colleague’s home, I immediately fell in love with the choice of colours and the maximization of space and I immediately contacted Alan to find out more.

Alan is very detailed in his explanation right from the start. He patiently listened to our needs and how we envisioned our home to look like. He would advise us about what would be practical and more aesthetically pleasing and consistent to the theme we wanted. We like how Alan would offer us various alternatives each time we met for brainstorming sessions. We especially like the dry kitchen area that he proposed as that special space allows us to host our friends.

Besides his eye for design, Alan is a great project manager. Both my husband and I are very busy at work. I think if not for Alan keeping a tight rein on the schedule, we would not have completed the renovation on time. He would pace us and send us gentle reminders every step of the project whenever certain decisions had to be taken at the various milestones. I must say the quality of the materials used were great. The workmanship of the carpentry work was excellent. Alan paid attention to every single detail, up to the material colour of the interior of the wardrobe.

Alan is very prompt in answering our queries, during the actual renovation project and even during the post-renovation. He would promptly arrange for the contractors to attend to the rectification works and still remaining readily contactable whenever we have queries.

I would definitely recommend Alan and Zenith Arc to anyone who is thinking of renovating their homes.

Chong Kai Qing
Submitted 23 Mar 2019, Designer Paul Koh

Job well done!

Paul is someone who is very responsible and responsive. He is also very committed to his work and can be trusted to deliver. Paul was also very patient with us throughout the renovation journey and can always be relied upon to tackle any issues we faced (even after the renovation works have been completed) These made it very easy to work with Paul and resulted in a relatively smooth sailing renovation experience!

Leo Lee
Submitted 17 Dec 2019, Designer Jordan Toh

Great quality and services, on time and professional

A one stop solution with zenith arc.

Jordan is very detail and helpful. Provide good after service.

Able to complete the work on time and within the budget we committed on.

Able to provide a design that we wanted and we requested many changes but Jordan never fail to provide an amendment on the 3D design.

Jordan is always punctual and well prepared for our appointment.

One of the best ID designer and contractor and I would recommend to others!

Agnes Moey
Agnes Moey
Submitted 24 Jan 2020, Designer Alan and Hugo

Home Renovation, Job Well Done, Alan and Hugo!

We were at Qanvast for quote for our home renovation and came across Alan and Hugo from Zenith Arc who were friendly and helpful in serving us with good services. They are responsible and efficient in their work for my home renovation late last year 2019 and I am thinking of further fine-tuning my other part of renovation at my home and will get Alan from Zenith Arc to carry out the renovation as well. Thank you Alan and Hugo for Job well done!

Goh Wei Yu
Submitted 13 Jan 2020, Designer Alan Leong

Recommended ID for Professional Service

My sis and I had shortlisted 5 IDs to meet up. Prior to the meet up with the 5 IDs, we had forward our requirements to them. Only Alan from Zenith Arc had presented an initial concept to us. And that really caught our attention. The rest were merely discussing on space planning when we had already forward our requirement. Alan had shown his competency in managing the entire reno project and we are able to have a peace of mind. The workmanship is fantastic as well, and there isn’t any major defects after the reno. Price is reasonable too. He is accommodating to our request and never been calculative. We felt lucky that we had chosen Alan, as this is the first time we doing reno. We definitely will recommend him to our friends and to engage him again if we are carrying out any ID works. Thanks a lot for letting us have a stress free renovation.

Yi Shiuan Lim
Yi Shiuan Lim
Submitted 18 Dec 2019, Designer Jordan

Professional and quality work

Was referred by a friend to Zenith Arc for the renovation of my parent’s 5 room resale flat and it was the best decision made ever! From a very old and rundown place to a new beautiful house now, even my parents are very satisfied with the outcome. Even our friends and relatives have all commented on how nice the place is now. Will definitely recommend Zenith Arc to homeowners whom are still deciding on which ID firm to look for because they are very professional 👍🏻

Submitted 11 Apr 2020, Designer Alan Leong

Recommended ID for Good Design and Excellent Service

Zenith Arc was one of the firms we shortlisted based on their past projects and reviews after reviewing their profile on Qanvast. Alan was the ID introduced to us during the meet-up event organised by Qanvast. While we spoke to a few IDs during the event, we eventually went with Zenith Arc because we were comfortable with his designs, suggestions and professionalism.

Describe your experience working with your designer?

Alan has a plan for the entire renovation which is reassuring to us. He also provided updates on the progress on the renovation. That gave us the confidence that the renovation is in good hands and on track. Any unexpected hiccups were also provided with a solution which showed his experience in handling unexpected issues. Requests to change the design were also met positively with advice to fine tune the changes to meet the needs of the owner. Most importantly, replies were prompt despite his busy schedule which is a testament of his professionalism. Alan also promptly arranged for the sub-contractors to provide any rework/repair despite how minor they were. That also left a particularly positive impression on us.

How was the service and workmanship quality?

Quality of the work and service provided was excellent. In particular, the carpentry work left a great impression on us. They went beyond their scope of work and taught us tips and tricks on maintaining the carpentry. Overall, we are satisfied with both the quality of work and the services rendered by the sub-contractors.

All considered, we were glad that we went with Alan of Zenith Arc for our renovation.

Geok Ping
Submitted 11 Jan 2020, Designer Alan Leong

Good service from the ID!

We went for ID “shopping” within one day. We visited a few IDs and had little time for Alan on that day to explain our ideas as we were tired explaining to the rest. We were skeptical about the discussion as he didn’t ask as much questions as other IDs. During our first meeting, Alan was already able to understand our needs and conceptualise our dream home concepts. Alan was also firm in designs and ensured nice designs when we proposed some ideas that would be deemed as not nice. Alan is well organised in project management. Due to our tight work schedules, we were unable to drop by at the new house frequently during the renovations. However, there were frequent updates from him through whatapps with pictures and videos of the progress. He worked closely with the respective parties such as the air con guys, the electricians, the plumbers, the painters and even the deliveries for our orders such as lights and kitchen accessories. We really didn’t have to monitor much for all these. This saved us a lot of time! He had planned out the milestones for the renovation. However, we needed the house earlier as we needed to vacate the old place earlier than expected. He made changes and managed to hand over the keys to us in time for the shift. During the end of the project, there was an unexpected situation due to some miscommunication. We thought we had to live with an issue that cannot be resolved. But the service recovery efforts were impressive. The service recovery and changes were done in a swiftly manner. This is another plus point! We really love the place that he designed for us. Thumbs up to Alan and thanks to him. My friends also complimented my new place.

Submitted 12 Sep 2019, Designer Jordan

Great service and excellent follow up

I was recommended to Zenith Arc by a friend who also recently engaged their services. We had plenty of ideas and might have been snappy at some point. However, Jordan was patient and was attentive to our needs. He also shared his experiences with us and gave us pointers to look out for when we were picking out our furniture and tiles.

Our place is wonderful and has exceeded our personal expectations!

Anne Seow
Submitted 1 Mar 2020, Designer Jordan Toh

Great job, good after sales service

I engaged Zenith Arc for the renovation of my mother's apartment. They did a great job on time and quality. Not only that, even the after sales service are professionally handled and addressed timely. Jordan handled all matters from designing, assistance in sourcing materials and right down to the supervision as well . Their workmen are also friendly and attentive. Be happy to use their service again. Great job.

Submitted 14 Jan 2019, Designer Alan Leong

Accommodating, Professional, Prompt and Innovative

We had met with 5 IDs in total before deciding on Zenith. During the initial few meetups, Alan Leong was very accommodating and listened to all our concerns and requirements and had the experience to advise us on certain things regarding it.

Furthermore he was very honest and transparent when it comes to quotation and not pushy when it comes to signing up.

This all led to our decision to sign up with them and we were not disappointed. Right now it's been more than a month since we moved in and working with Zenith and Alan in particular has been a wonderful experience for first time Home Owners like us.

Alan was responsive throughout the process and was easy to communicate issues with him. He was also very accommodating especially when dealing with our indecisiveness at times and changing our minds frequently.

His scheduling for the house completion was also on point. Giving us detailed scheduling for works being done.

Overall we are very satisfied with the end results and can't recommend them enough for home owners who are looking for a trustworthy, professional and excellent design based Interior Company.

Submitted 22 Nov 2019, Designer Paul Koh

A Great Job Done

A great job done! We are very glad & pleased to have entrust our home renovation to Paul Koh from Zenith Arc. We had went through 5 IDs via Qanvast, spent fair amount of time with the IDs before deciding on Zenith Arc. Paul understand our requirement well, pretty fast on his works to generate pictures/illustrations for our weekly meetups. He is very patient, very accomodative to our meetup timings and admirable stamina to withstand long hours discussion into late nights. Paul is also responsive, resourceful and we can rely on him to fix our issue/concern. He gives great advice on colours and materials selection. Our entire renovation project including design phase, took almost 8 months mostly due to our busy schedules. The project is carried out very professionally, good workmanship, pleasant experience without much stress. We love our house and we truly appreciate the great work delivered by Paul and Zenith Arc. Thank you!

Submitted 3 Mar 2020, Designer Alan Leong

Great project and time management

We came across Zenith Arc through the free quotation request on Qanvast. Our ID was Alan Leong, and he was the one who we spoke to from the very beginning. In fact, Zenith Arc was one of the first to respond to our request, so you could really tell they are very committed. Alan is very attentive and could understand what we wanted straightaway (and sometimes giving much needed advice when an idea we had was not practical, so we really appreciate it, being first time home owners). We know that renovation is a very stressful process, and sometimes things don't go the way we expect them to, but Alan is a great project and change manager, upfront with us on the schedule and timing, and very prompt at communicating any possible issues (while being prepared with possible solutions from the get go). We are really happy with the design Alan came up with, his professionalism and great customer service, and would not hesitate to recommend him anytime!

Submitted 23 May 2019, Designer Alan

Beautiful Scandinavian-inspired Home

A huge thank you to Alan and his team from Zenith Arc for making our dream home a reality. It has been a journey of months since we first approached them to renovate our newly-bought maisonette apartment last December.

It was a long journey of many months from conceptualizing to the execution of the renovation, but Alan was patient and provided a great listening ear to our vision for the new home. His professional advice also helped a lot in actualizing our design.

Thank you once again Alan!

Nicklaus Wong
Submitted 6 Feb 2020, Designer Jordan Toh

Belated Thanks!! – Upper Serangoon Flat – Excellent Design

Firstly, it has been four years since Jordan renovated my flat in 2016 but I still owe him a lot of heartfelt thanks.

I was introduced to Jordan by a secondary friend. And after sourcing numerous IDs with varying degrees of quotes and prices, I finally settled on Jordan. During the early days when Jordan established Zenith Arc, he did not have a permanent office working instead from his home. This did not put us off, and Jordan even patiently discussed his quote and renovation plans for our flat via Facetime, even through late hours in the evening.

Pricing wise - i thought Jordan's quote was reasonable and in line with others.

As this was our first home, my partner and I maintained quite high and exacting standards and Jordan did not disappoint. He chose and managed his sub-contractors well. Our job was done with care and precision. He is an attentive and proactive designer and perfectly executed the vision that we had for our first house. I understand that Jordan is a busy man and was also in the midst of establishing his own family, yet he never failed to make himself available to his clients. While there were a lot of queries and changes/revision to the initial design plans, Jordan never lost his patience and constantly guided us with the available options in terms of designs and construction.

Our flat was completed slightly ahead of schedule, and minor rectification works were quickly done. Jordan really wanted to make sure we were fully satisfied with our house before signing off on our house. Through the years, I have contacted Jordan for other minor rectification work on our house and he has never disappointed or offered advise on how to fix them.

So what do you get if you engaged Zenith Arc and Jordan? You get someone who has a keen sense of detail, extensive knowledge and great customer support. In fact, having worked with Jordan since 2016, we have kept in close contact and I can firmly say that his post-sales services are simply the best! So much so, that due to the expansion of our family unit, we have now re-engaged Jordan to do some minor modifications to our living space to make it more kid-friendly.

In short - I highly recommend Jordan and Zenith Arc for a great, painless, professional interior design/renovation experience!!

Shirley Chin
Submitted 14 Jan 2020, Designer Alan Leong

Thumbs Up For Alan And Zenith Arc

We got to know Zenith Arc through a Qanvast event and Alan stood out among all the IDs we have spoken to. He impressed us with his ideas and drawings on our subsequent meetup. After we engaged him as our ID, he promptly followed up to make sure that we were ahead of the schedule and he was always contactable whenever we had questions and doubts. There ought to be hiccups during renovation but Alan was patient and reassuring. We were extremely thankful that he was fast and resourceful to resolve them. For first timers who are inexperienced like myself, I would highly recommend Alan for his professionalism and patience. Once again, we would like to thank Alan and Zenith Arc for completing our dream home!

Qiu YanQing
Submitted 23 Nov 2019, Designer Paul

Good renovation for 4room BTO

We are very glad & pleased to have entrust our home renovation to Paul from Zenith Arc.

We would introduced to Paul from Zenith Arc whom also had their renovation done by him.

Paul understand our requirement well and exercise professionalism in advising on color and details ensuring our requested theme and mood of our home is achieved. He was also patient and responsive to our questions and accommodative to our meetup timings.

Our entire renovation project including design phase, took around 1.5 months phasing out the ghost month which we requested to avoid. The project is carried out very professionally, good workmanship, pleasant experience without much stress.

We love our house and we truly appreciate the great work delivered by Paul and Zenith Arc. Thank you!

Submitted 2 Oct 2019, Designer Jordan

Stylish And Modern New Home

We met several IDs before we met Jordan from Zenith Arc. Jordan is one of the very few IDs who can answer our questions in technical details, thanks to his many years of experiences in the industry. He also showed us several 3D pictures before we engaged him, so we had a basic idea what design we could expect from him.

They completed the renovation in a very timely manner, and Jordan has been very patient with me in changing designs and rectifying some small problems.

We are very happy with our new home, and a big thank you to Jordan.

Asha Varma
Asha Varma
Submitted 11 Jan 2020, Designer Alan Leong

A hassle free perfect renovation

When we decided to revamp the whole unit that we bought, we wanted it done aesthetically but functionally. We visited a few IDs and because we were very particular about what we wanted, most of them followed what we told them when showing us the design.

We were very impressed with Alan Leong, our ID from Zenith Arc, right from our first meeting because even though he listened to us, he told us politely but firmly what could be done and not done. He also helped us with the look of our home by using colours and materials which went well together. Alan was available all the time for discussions and updates and what pleasantly surprised us was that he completed the whole revamp ahead of the deadline. All of us were very happy with the final look of our dream home.

Alan's dedication, his professionalism and great customer service prompts us to recommend him to anyone looking for renovation.

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Adhana Anwar
Submitted 7 Nov 2019, Designer Sally

An Unexpected Precious Gem of an ID company

We chanced upon Zenith Arc during one of those Suntec events where there were plenty of ID companies to choose from. Zenith Arc was really an unexpected gem - the design that they proposed for our home was perfectly aligned to what we envisioned to be our dream home. Both Kayla and Sally were very meticulous in their proposed design, ensuring that every detail would cater and be appealing to our very fussy palette. This made Zenith Arc stand out from the other ID companies who did a rather lacklustre job, trying to win us over with designs that were not well-thought through or unappealing. We are also thankful for Sally for ensuring that the renovation works progressed quickly as we had to move out from our old home just 3 weeks after getting keys to our new home. So a job that should take at least 2 months, took only about 4 weeks, without compromising quality and design. We are also highly appreciative of Sally’s fast response with regards to any issues that may surface during our first few weeks of stay. So thank you Sally and Kayla for making our home look and feel way more than a million dollars!

Yi Yang Tan
Yi Yang Tan
Submitted 2 Mar 2020, Designer Sally Ong

Quick response and good after sales service ID

My wife and I met Sally from Zenith Arc at Qanvast event. Initially we were overwhelmed by the number of ID firms and finding it difficult to make decision on which ID to proceed. Sally was one of the first that sent us the quotation right after the event, and her price was the most reasonable. In addition to her nice personality, we decided to choose Sally as our ID.

During the reno, Sally constantly kept us updated with photos+videos of the reno progress via Whatsapp. Whenever we need to make an important decision, she would give us some time and advise based on her experience and functionality. Most importantly, she was prompt to solve any issues arise during and after the reno. Overall, my wife and I are very satisfied with the service provided by Sally and will definitely recommend Zenith Arc.

Submitted 29 Jan 2020, Designer Jordan Toh

Thanks Zenith Arc!

We would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to Jordan/Zenith Arc!

Initially, we approached 2 IDs who were recommended by our friends. We thought this is the safest way and was ready to appoint one of them. While surfing the internet for design ideas, especially those from the same condo as us, we chanced upon Zenith Arc. We contacted Jordan Toh and met him at our place a few days later. His extensive knowledge of the place – where the beams and pipes are, which wall can be hacked, what the management office will allow/disallow left a deep and lasting impression on us. He even arranged for us to visit the unit that he was currently working on. We liked the design of that unit and was impressed with the workmanship. Additionally, the owner of that unit only had good things to say about Jordan. Nevertheless, we were not sold yet as we had not gotten the quote.

We received the quote a few days later. Jordan was also very considerate to send it by email ‘so we can view it in a larger screen’. Jordan’s quote is not the cheapest among the 3, but considering how much he knows the condo, his workmanship (from the unit that we have viewed), and the comfort level we have through the few conversations/meetings, we decided to appoint Zenith Arc as our ID. We paid the deposit upon signing the contract but was unable to commit to a date for renovation to commence as we needed to find a temporary place. Jordan was very understanding, he did not push us nor give us any pressure but patiently waited for our green light.

Throughout the course of the renovation, he and his ID coordinated well with the other contractors – tiler, carpenter, electrician, painter……… They gave us ideas on the tiles to choose, the laminates for the cabinets, lightings, plumbing items…...each session lasted for hours. They were very responsive and quick to correct the mistakes and defects found during the renovation, even after we moved in.

The whole renovation was on schedule. Jordan even pointed out a few places which can be done in a better way (for instance, the grains of the laminate should flow). Rectification works were immediately carried out. We were pleasantly surprised as we did not even notice it.

Thanks Jordan/Zenith Arc for transforming our house into one which we look forward to coming home to every day. It was such a pleasant experience working with Jordan and team, including the contractors. With Jordan’s professionalism, sincerity, promptness and dedication, we would not hesitate to recommend Jordan/Zenith Arc to our family and friends. Here’s wishing Jordan/Zenith Arc All The Best!

Deddy Mky
Deddy Mky
Submitted On 22 Mar 2019, Designer Alan Leong

Responsibility and Carefulness

  I want to thank Alan Leong for designing our beautiful home. He is very professional and service oriented. Especially love that he is transparent and always giving us the best advise. Highly recommend him! I want to thank Alan Leong for designing our beautiful home. He is very professional and service oriented. Especially love that he is transparent and always giving us the best advise. Highly recommend him!

Mrs Low
Submitted 2 Oct 2019, Designer Paul Koh

Good job

As this is our first home, we were unclear what to expect. We went through several IDs before narrowing down to 2 IDs whom we thought knew what they were doing (Some IDs agreed to everything we wanted without letting us know what might be the consequences of it). We finally decided on Paul because he was very patient. We knew that we wanted someone who would allow us to ask lots of questions and bounce off all our ideas. In the process of tile selection, Paul displayed his patience with us by bringing us to various tile shop to make sure we liked the tiles selected.

It turned out to be a good choice, the process was mainly smooth with some hiccups along the way which Paul mostly helped to solve rather swiftly. We had an incident where we picked the wardrobe handles but didn't think it matched our home theme, Paul kindly allowed us to changed the handles which we greatly appreciate. We would like to compliment Paul and his carpenter team for the good workmanship especially for the beautiful kitchen which we and everyone loves!

There were some minor issues like communicating to his workers when we wanted to be around for installation so we can confirm the design, location etc. which we had to make some rectification which could have been avoided ideally. The flooring work though decent we felt could be better.

In terms of budget and timeline, due to the additional cost of the tiles, casing etc we had to increase our budget for renovation by 10-15% and as we were quite relaxed about when to move in, we also choose to give ourselves time to decide on things and allow Paul's team to work in optimum conditions.

Overall, we are happy with the home which Paul had helped us built us and would choose him as our ID should there be no major issues with our home over the next couple of years!

Submitted 11 Sep 2019, Designer Jordan

Absolutely Hassle Free – Blazing Fast Responses

We got our office renovation done by Jordan - it is was so painless. We got very fast responses on whatsapp, and everything was quite quick.

The whole renovation was done within a week, and we were able to move in to our office on schedule.

I was very busy with my work, so I left everything to Jordan, and I am very happy with the result. I only visited the site one-time during this entire process - and Jordan handled everything for us. I really trust Jordan's design choices and sense of practicality.

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