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11 Tuas Bay Close

One of Zenith Arc biggest project during our prime time. The renovation started during year 2017 with a massive makeover at all area that includes office and factory. The biggest challenge was to plan out the functional use for employees that is able to increase their productivity and environment in the most effective way.

Renovation Price:$670,000 SGD
Completion Time:10 to 12 weeks
Design Style:Modern
Year of Project:2017
Works Included

Bathroom Accessories

A Little About Project

Project Details

Office work space, Pantry, meeting rooms and factory was designed for functional use purposes. The interior design works balances the commercial office for its functional needs in terms of physical space and aesthetics. In a larger space, the price of the project would be high but with good budgeting control and planning out the necessary usage of each area, the cost of renovation went down significantly and with the use of premium materials which would last longer than expected.

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