18C Holland Drive

The Qanvast certified project by our designers and managing director, Jordan, is located at 18C Holland Drive. the HDB with 4 rooms designed with a modern & contemporary style.

Renovation Price:$89,000 SGD
Completion Time:10 weeks
Design Style:Modern, Contemporary
Year of Project:2022
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Works Included

Hacking Wall
False Ceiling
Feature Wall

A Little About Project


Project Details

The living room with a simple fluted wall design in black added focus to this area and the use of a mirror made the living room looks spacious.
Elegant and modern crystal pendant lights are installed on top of the dining table.
Single build modern crystal light created a classy feel in the bedroom.
The circle mirror with hidden light matches perfectly with the uneven tiles making the bathroom look elegant.
A simple and nice kitchen uses lighter color tones which differ from any other area of the house.


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