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26A St Michael Rd

The Qanvast certified project by our designer which focus on the minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines. A 3 bedrooms condo designed by Zenith Arc inhouse designer.

Renovation Price: $65,000 SGD
Completion Time: 12 weeks
Design Style: Modern & Contemporary
Year of Project: 2021
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A Little About Project


Project Details

A full wall mirror installed at the entrance of the house makes this area looks spacious maximizing the light impact. The use of a fluted wall panel with a hidden door emphasizes the minimalist and simplicity of the design idea. The full ceiling height window in the living room focuses on maximizing the natural lights in this area. The living room design is simple and neat with the grey sofa and a white dining table in the dining area. The L-shaped kitchen cabinet with a wooden tabletop perfectly matches the wooden floor as well as the dark grey surface of the cabinets. Private working space was built in the master bedroom. Simple and modern look bedframe wall is installed in the room with modern table lights. Modern bathroom with marble black wall tiles and a dark grey wardrobe make the bathroom look classy.


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