90 Edgedale Plain

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A home with simple white walls can be elevated with chic treatments with light wood-toned furniture. Being the only two major design elements used, we set the home in harmony as you move from room to room. Zenith Arc has created a Scandinavian and minimalistic home.

Renovation Price: $35,000 SGD
Completion Time: 4 weeks
Design Style: Scandinavian, Minimalistic
Year of Project: 2017




Zenith Arc most of the most raved Condominium Interior Design. The simple white painted walls with light wood furniture and cabinets gives off a natural feel yet sophisticated, the open concept kitchen with a large table top allows family or couples to bake and cook without any space constraint.

The comfortable spacious bedroom allows anyone to have the best good night sleep ever. Hacking off the walls, we planned, designed and renovated with a walk-in wardrobe for your whole precious accessories collection and clothes. Installed with aluminium glass door, you can view the whole area and also add a more beautiful design to the area. A great harmony of interior design was created from living room to bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

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