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4 Signs that You Need an Office Space Renovation This Year

2. Outline Your Requirements

As we settle into the new normal in Singapore, you may find a need to modify or even transform your office space. Whether it’s creating smaller meeting rooms or spacing out your employees’ workstations, there are several commercial office interior design trends for post-COVID-19 to consider for your office space renovation. But besides adapting to the post-pandemic times, how do you tell when it’s the right time to schedule that revamp? To get you started, we’ve summed up the four signs that your office space needs a refreshing change:

1. If productivity levels are low

For starters, an office that looks cluttered at a glance may not be the most conducive when it comes to driving productivity. As your office environment undoubtedly plays a big part in encouraging concentration, a much-needed change of scenery can boost morale, and help your employees perform better in a well-designed space.

With that in mind, more and more companies are recognising the relevance of office ergonomics in terms of supporting different work styles and reducing discomfort for those who work for long hours. Some may like the idea of working at a standing desk while others may want a comfortable office chair that supports their back. As such, ergonomically designed furniture like desks and chairs is increasingly prioritised by many in Singapore to promote a healthier work environment – something to keep in mind as you decide on the various furniture options available for your overall office design.

2. Outline Your Requirements

2. If your decor and furniture are outdated

While it is common to purchase furniture based on popular and current interior design trends, but what happens when it goes out of style? Especially if your conference chairs, for instance, are showing some wear and tear, it’s high time to invest in new furniture to freshen up the look of your workplace. Besides designing a stylish yet functional work environment, how about incorporating break rooms and a pantry into your office layout if you’ve yet to do so?

Rather than having lunch at their desks, give your employees a communal area to grab a bite and recharge before getting back to work. This also opens more opportunities for your team to interact and get to know each other beyond work. With a more welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, not only will you be able to see increased efficiency in the months to come, but high chances you’ll also have a more cohesive team striving to achieve business goals together.

3. If you’ve recently changed your company branding

For your office space renovation, consider updating your interior design to match your company branding. Especially if you often have clients visiting your office for meetings, you’ll want your office to reflect your brand values and make an impactful first impression as a whole. By integrating your company colours and redesigning your office interior to complement your company image, let your unique office interior design do the work in making a bold statement.

2. Outline Your Requirements

4. If your company is growing

No plans to relocate while expanding your team in Singapore? Even with some working from home, it may eventually become a challenge to accommodate everyone if your current office setup is not the most space-saving. The good news is, you can still make the most out of the space you have with the right type of furniture. If you’re unsure of how to best utilise and maximise your office space, get the advice of a reliable office interior design company to better understand how you can achieve a successful renovation project.

Next steps Whether it’s motivating your employees to reach their fullest potential or getting all set to impress potential clients, a thoughtfully designed space can ultimately make a difference to your business. Let us help you turn your vision into reality – and rest assured your office design upgrade or renovation is in good hands with Zenith Arc.

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