Effective Home Renovation Tips

Effective Home Renovation Tips to Know Before You Start the Project

Effective Home Renovation Tips to Know Before You Start the Project

If you are planning to upgrade your home and renovate it with new look, features and facilities to feel more comfortable then it is important to understand that it is a huge project. Planning, management, procurement and execution are various processes which will need your direct involvement to give the right shape and look as per your requirements. Normally, we all look for suggestions and tips from family and friends so that we can choose the right steps that gives desired results. But everyone share their experiences which can come with limited information or knowledge. So, here are some of the effective home renovation tips from experts that will enable you to simplify the entire process.

Consider All Parts of Home

All Parts of Home

When you start to plan the home renovation, the first thing that you need do is make a list of all the parts of your home. Just like it is said ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, same rule applies to your home renovation too. If you are planning to hire professional architect for home renovation then need to understand the areas which needs to be renovated. As you would be the best person to suggest the required changes, if you have the list of areas handy, it will be faster.

Define a Budget for Home Renovation

Budget for Home Renovation

The next step is to define the list of facilities you need at each area of the home and list down the tentative budget. Keep an underestimated budget so that while you interact with the architects you can keep slight buffer for higher side. The better the research, better will be your renovation budgeted.

Researching is the Key

Researching is Key

You will find a wide range of options for lamps, lights, renovation, furniture, types of paints, shades, storage, decorations and many other home items through research. It is important to research because you can understand the latest trends and types of products you avail in the current market. Researching also gives you more information about the features, facilities and technologies. Renovating each part requires its own research and set of items. You may not find the items of bathroom at the floor or kitchen section, so you need list the required changes in each section. If you are planning to install new tiles or change the toilet setup, cabinets or pressure showers then use the right set of items.

Define a Timeline

Define a Timeline

As usual every project has its own timeline and it is important you also define tentative date of closure. Even if you are planning to remove the existing fixtures and upgrade the look with new setup, it will take a week or more to setup. Similarly if you are planning renovate the entire house then you need to give enough time to the architects or builders.

Choose the Right Builder or Architect

Choose the Right Builder

The best way of choosing the right builder or architect of your choice is researching online and speaking with friends or colleagues. Find the builders they have selected and how their experience was. Among all the builders, shortlist the ones you would like to contact. Explore all the options based on the experience and portfolio of the builders. Be it small or large project, architects should be able to provide the same level of quality and support.


These are some of the major tips that is important to consider before starting the home renovation projection. If you need more information or specific information about Renovation Services in Singapore or complete home interior design then get in touch with us.

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