451B Bukit Batok Ave 6

451B Bukit Batok Ave 6

Multiple colors are used for 451B Bukit Batok Ave 6 interior design but with great harmony which blends in perfectly. Unique colors and customized carpentry works provides a unique home design just for this particular house. The warm and lively home are designed and renovated with just 6 weeks of time!

Renovation Price: $47,000 SGD
Completion Time: 6 Weeks
Design Style: Farmhouse & Modern
Year of Project: 2019
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A Little About Project

Project Details

High quality materials and texture tiles can make a huge difference in interior design. 451B Bukit Batok Ave 6 home uses different set of unique flooring and wall tiles to make each area special but did not complicate the design. With the use of correct theme furniture, it emphasize greatly on the design theme used remarkably.

To make things more special, hacking was done to increase and merge spaces together for a more imaginative functional design. To have a lively and vibrant home, Zenith Arc Interior Designer has carefully picked up matching colors that would blend with each other and that makes the huge significant difference in this renovation project.

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