5 Tips to Find the Best Interior Designer, Quickly

5 Tips to Find the Best Interior Designer, Quickly

5 Tips to Find the Best Interior Designer

Interior design is one of the key processes of transforming your new home into a space that you would love to live in. In fact, many people consider the look and feel of their new home, even before they collect the keys. Regardless of the theme and décor you want for your home, you have to work with a professional interior designer to achieve your goals. Professional designers know the ins and outs of renovating any space to suit your needs. In short, they can convert your new flat or BTO into the home of your dreams.

However, before you can initiate the process of designing your home, you need to find an interior design company to work on your project. The selection is easier said than done, as you will find at least dozens of options. Moreover, not every interior design company in Singapore can execute your project seamlessly and smoothly. Therefore, your search can prove time-consuming. Here are 5 time-saving tips to make your search or an interior designer more productive:

1. Be Patient

Be Patient

There is always the temptation to start discussing ideas regarding the design for your new home when there are several months till you get the keys. However, keep in mind that the designer is unlikely to pay too much heed to what you say at this stage. Designers want to have a clear idea of the space they are working with. Moreover, they don’t want to wait a few months to start working on any project. Thus, there is a chance that any ideas you discuss at this stage might not come to fruition.

So, you have to be patient and wait till you are a few weeks from receiving the keys. Your discussion with your designer will prove more fruitful at this point, enabling you to get the results you are seeking.

2. Browse the Portfolio

Browse The Portfolio

A majority of firms will ask you to visit their office for an initial consultation. However, be aware that these visits can take up a lot of time. Before you get to this stage, it is better to browse the portfolio of the company online. This will enable you to determine whether an actual visit is indeed worth your while. After all, if you aren’t planning to hire a particular company, why even bother visiting them?

Your aim when browsing portfolios should be to assess if the company worked on projects similar to yours. For example, you might be seeking a vintage design for your new home, and the firm you are considering for the job specializes in modern themes and designs.

3. Brainstorm

Discussion with Partner

Before you get in touch with a professional interior design company in Singapore, you need some idea of what you want. Start by brainstorming and visualizing the type of design changes you would like for your new home. For example, you may want a kitchen island. Consulting a specialist once you know what you want proves more rewarding down the line.

Be sure to involve your partner in the discussion so you can make the best decisions for your family. Providing the designer with your ideas enables them to work things out quickly. You can expect a quick quote and even initiate the project without any delay.

4. Share Information

Share Information

Keep in mind that the interior design professionals you are working with rely on you to provide valuable information regarding your home. They need to know about the dimensions of the space, including the type of home. So, share the relevant information, including any details about your flat that you feel will help the designer. Also, send a copy of your floor plan along with pictures of your home.

Based on the information you share, the company will be able to provide a timeline for the project. You can decide if the timeframe suits your requirements, or whether you should look for a different company that offers interior design in Singapore.

5. Contact Multiple Designers

Multiple Designers

Last, but not the least, get in touch with multiple design companies. For this, you need to create a shortlist that you can follow. The process is simple, i.e. you browse the portfolio and ask for the timeframe to locate potential candidates for the project. When you are out visiting designers, it is better to schedule multiple visits in the same day. You can meet a number of designers in the same day and discuss your requirements. This proves more time-effective than meeting one designer a day.

Follow these tips and you will be able to save time on searching for the right company for your interior design and renovation in Singapore. Singapore is home to a number of world-class interior design firms, which means that you can feel spoilt for choice. The tips mentioned above will help you make the right choice without wasting any time.

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