544 Jelapang Rd (1)

544 Jelapang Road

An extreme make over for 140 square meter big executive apartment at block 544 Jelapang Road. Interior design style preference was advice by home owner and, full suite renovation was done with the use of new premium materials for a bolder Scandinavian style.

Renovation Price:$123,000 SGD
Completion Time:9 to 10 Weeks
Design Style:Scandinavian
Year of Project:2018
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Works Included

Hacking Wall
False Ceiling
Feature Wall

A Little About Project


Project Details

The all new Scandinavian style was renovated at block 544 Jelapang road with everything brand new! The executive apartment large space planning and design all done by Zenith Arc senior Interior designer. The kitchen island was bought to living room to emphasize the unique theme and using it as a dining table, fully utilizing it with the use of high stone quality.

Living room huge customized cabinets are made for storing enormous amount of items but also beautifying it that looks like an art. The interior design are planned with daily functional usage and making things convenient for home owner, not comprising the design style and with the warm and comfortable ambience.


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