70 Elias Rd

70 Elias Rd

A Qanvast Supertrust and CaseTrust awarded project in 70 Elias Rd. The 137 square meter condo looks spacious with the wall top mirror in walkway. It focuses on simplicity and clear line by maximizing of natural light.

Renovation Price: $63,000 SGD
Completion Time: 12 weeks
Design Style: Contemporary, Scandinavian
Year of Project: 2021
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Works Included
Hacking Wall
Hacking Wall
car pentry
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False Ceiling
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Feature Wall
Qanvast Supertrust Award Winner
Qanvast Supertrust

A Little About Project

Project Details

Feature wall flooring and tiling are all included in the projects.
Carpentry work and false ceiling, tiling including wall hacking are part of the projects as well.
Isolated area on kitchen with ceiling to ceiling wardrobe emphasis on the utility and tidiness.

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