740 Pasir Ris

740 Pasir Ris

The bright and warm contemporary style for block 740 Pasir Ris, full scope of work renovation with less than 12 weeks. Clean line cut and cove light has been installed at most areas giving a classy feel and designing hidden cabinets for a lesser cluttered space, making it neater and tidier.

Renovation Price: $80,000 SGD
Completion Time: 10 to 12 Weeks
Design Style: Contemporary
Year of Project: 2018
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Hacking Wall
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A Little About Project

Project Details

Glass door between dining area and kitchen gives an elegant design feel and the transparency allow a sense of bigger space view, it also prevents sound and smoky smell from kitchen to living area while the top chef brings out scrumptious meal for everybody.

Instead of a typical kitchen island, a closet island was built with black mirror in dressing room which home owner are able to place and showcase all top-class accessories on it. The all-around black reflective mirror widens the area and at the same time making it unique in terms of design. The huge customized closet enables huge storage for home owner to keep clothes in a much tidier manner and reduce the fear of insufficient space.

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