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84 Edgedale Plains

Condominium at 84 Edgedale Plains, full suite renovation works with the space of 115 square meter. The explicit modern design brings out a mystery feeling, full of surprises and the interior was design uniquely.

Renovation Price: $54,000 SGD
Completion Time: 4 weeks
Design Style: Modern
Year of Project: 2019
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Works Included

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A Little About Project


Project Details

Once of the coolest interior design works from Zenith Arc in year 2019. Based on house owner daily functional use, the house was planned to allow home owner to access each living space and items conveniently. But not neglecting the interior design, we aim for elegant yet mysterious for the end result.

The astounding carpentry workmanship was considered greatly due to the complexity for all false ceiling unlike the typical plain works that brings out spark to it. Choosing lighting, mirrors and unique cabinets cutting, the modern interior design theme mix in with classical style and ended bringing out a unique design.


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