white modern living room view with large cabinets

874B Tampines St 85

A project owned by Hugo, designing on the 113 square meter 5 Room HDB which focusing on minimalism and functionality. The contemporary and Scandinavian design maintain their simple and clean lines without sacrificing the beauty of the home.

Renovation Price: $49,000 SGD
Completion Time: 8 weeks
Design Style: Contemporary & Scandinavian
Year of Project: 2021
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A Little About Project


Project Details

Minimalism concept of living room which filled up with 3 seaters wooden chair with cushion as well as custom made L-shape tv cabinet and a coffee table placed in the center of the area.

Wooden floor in both bedrooms installed with ceiling top wardrobe and a study table focus on their functionality.

kitchen island with grey countertop is designed with the dining area for more functionality.

Brown theme washroom makes the area has more earthy feel. Wooden wardrobe perfectly match with the rounded mirror in brown frame.


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