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96A Henderson Road

Creative and meticulous planning was done greatly on 96A Henderson 3 room flat for a bigger living space that brings in love and fun into the newly renovated home. Warm and minimalist colour theme of Scandinavian interior design style makes the whole ambience feel super cozy.

Renovation Price:$41,000 SGD
Completion Time:4 to 5 weeks
Design Style:Contemporary, Scandinavian
Year of Project:2018
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A Little About Project


Project Details

The pure Scandinavian interior design style not only brings cosiness, it also brings great comfort that allows you to rest your exhausted mind after a long day. To stay away from complication, white bricks wall in living room was used that can blend in well with the main design theme and simplicity. A special rest area was customized with warm cove light for resting, gathering and converts it into a play area whenever you want. With the reduced bedroom space, high quality custom made platform was implemented that can fit even a King size bed and also a huge storage space underneath it.

The ever changing contemporary style was renovated in the Kitchen area with the aluminium glass door as the most popular trend in use right now.


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