Commercial Interior Design Essentials

Commercial Interior Design Essentials

Commercial Interior Design Essentials

Commercial Spaces are one of the most sophisticated places one dwells in periodically. It practically drives the workforce of any enterprise, large or small to achieve its goals. When it comes to Commercial interior designing, they completely differ from the standard home interior designs. It requires knowledge of several aspects like management and definition when one looks up the complexity involved behind such kind of projects. Due to its versatility, commercial interior design is classified as a different genre within any interior design company. Zenith Arc as a commercial interior design company has a dedicated set of specialists for these kinds of projects.

As the name says, the field primarily focuses on building upon work premise interiors. Singapore’s Zenith Arc is prominent for offering such kind of premier services for a long while. While the team works on getting the project done, specialists are only needed at the times when the workspace is being planned.

Unlike designing cozy places like restaurants and lounges, one has a different approach when it comes to designing Commercial spaces. It shifts away from the focus from designing and balances it with space allocation, attention, alignment and such. Commercial interior designing is often plagued with issues like power and water system warping, space configuration, ceiling, and lighting setup. A better understanding of the workspace architecture helps in obtaining a clear picture of the commercial space for getting the designing done right.

The work requires the concerned to be a field professional for such kind of sophisticated tasks. Perhaps, it’s what assists one in creating alluring, spacious settings in a courting environment. Here are some essentials one needs to put into consideration while designing commercial interior design:

Right Play of Colours:

Right Play of Colours

Colour selection greatly varies when it comes to commercial spaces. While House interiors go well with bright primary Colour palettes, the same cannot be said in the case of commercial interiors. Bright selections such as yellow, pink, blue and similar don’t go well with professional vibes as well. Experts recommend using them in slight amounts while the interiors are toned with intense tones. Dark Colour tones match well with the contrasting office elements while they add an elegant look to your office.

It’s the combination of such small matchings that build up a professional environment. Such a kind of environment envisions the feeling of honesty, comfort, trust, and dedication among the workforce by itself. A little pop of Colours here and there lets you a patchy yet a non-distracting look and feel to an overall look of the office.

Light Arrangement:

Light Arrangement

The lighting arrangements are one of those aspects that complement with Colours of the office. Also, the amount of lighting done on the premises matters the most. The intensity of the light also proves a deciding factor for the productivity of the entire workplace. While Overhead lighting solutions are the way to go for most of the office solutions, some solutions opt for getting the right type of fixtures so they match to meet the needs of adequate lighting. Light harshness and glare are also kept in mind while placing them.



Woodworks or furniture is also one of the crucial aspects to consider when it comes to commercial spaces. Most of the offices prefer to go with dark furniture. Dark furniture complements the dark Colours tones of the walls while giving a modern professional appeal. Sometimes, it also complements bright walls at times.

Furniture selection is not just about picking Colours. One can select a variety of options for textures, veneers, plywood, wood type and many more. While going creative is appreciated, sticking to a well-defined consistent philosophy is always advised.



While the ambiance is important, workplace seating is equally important too. While Simple desks are good, they are simply boring. They can bring feelings of laziness among the employees. Even the desks must be made recreative to avoid such issues. Attaching motivational posters in front of the desk, for starters can serve as a good idea to drive productivity among the workforce. Some other creative ideas include the addition of small pots and plants on the desk, photo frame additions, convenient accessibility, storage unit, Rubik’s cube, and similar elements.

It is crucial to understand that elements considered while designing a commercial space is different than designing a home interior. While the home interior design primarily focuses on living and rest areas, commercial interior design is all about making a functional design across the space that is practical as well. Creativity, as discussed before brings out profits in several different ways. Creative spaces such as a playroom, cafeteria, discussion rooms, and many more. If all such kind of aspects is kept in mind, a simple commercial interior design project would completely change the way and looks of the environment where your professional tasks get done.

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