Company Bedroom Affair

Company Bedroom Affair cover

Zenith Arc uses Scandinavian and Industrial style for Bedroom Affairs. The use of Scandinavian style is to give off a warm feeling because of bedding industry. Industrial style was mixed in for flexibility and bringing out the contrast of carpentry works.

Renovation price:$40,000 SGD
Completion time:4 to 5 weeks
Design Style:Scandinavian, Industrial
Year of Project:2017
Works Included

Hacking Wall
False Ceiling

A Little About Project


Project Details

Renovation in commercial building for bedding company biggest disadvantage is high ceiling as it does not fit to bedroom concept. Recess false ceiling was installed to bring down the high ceiling and Scandinavian interior design style was used to provide a warm, calming and cosy feeling for target audience. Adding a touch of Industrial style, it refined and contrasted the whole area more beautifully.

The high quality platform with cove light was customized to place beds on top of it to showcase all products for a bedroom which is the center of attraction for customer to view and render imaginative ideas to their home.


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