Renovation Package

The secret to maximizing space space-scarce Singapore: smart modern home interior design with careful space planning. Get more space in your 3-room HDB flat for a new side table or even a new sofa, that caters to the homeowner’s specific needs and preferences.

With our expertise in space planning and design, we help create a more functional and visually appealing living space, while making the most of every square foot. Our 3-room HDB renovation packages focus on helping you enjoy smart living with optimized spaces at competitive rates.


Minimal remodelling*

Extensive remodelling**

$10,000 to $18,000

$45,000 or more


*Minor updates where you retain components from the OCS scheme or the previous homeowner.

**Example: installing new kitchen cabinets or upgrading the bathroom fixtures

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Wall Hacking$100 – $6,800
Ceiling$3 – $23 per square feet
Electrical works$50 – $900
Plumbing$30 – $800 (depending on service and the number of replacements)
Painting$500 – $800
Carpentry$200 – $23,700
*All costs shown are estimates. The table above is meant as a general guide, and does not include additional costs for consultation fees, labour, or purchase of furniture and furnishings.



When our renovation services are engaged for 3-room HDB flats, including 3-room resale flats, we first want to understand what your goals are with taking up a renovation package. We prioritize open communication and collaboration with our customers, internal team, vendors, and expert consultants to ensure a seamless and satisfactory renovation experience. Do you want to build a modern home that celebrates family or are you trying to design your very own bachelor pad?

Space & Design Planning

Next, we will analyze the space and design a blueprint for your approval and feedback. We will ensure the blueprint matches what your goals are with your interior design.

Confirmation of Contract

We work closely with you to identify the best design solutions that align with your vision and expectations. Once we’ve established a plan that you’re happy with and the budget has been approved, we proceed to finalize the contract to bring your dream home to life.

Renovation Process

Once you are satisfied with our design, we will proceed to choose suitable materials and our house renovation contractors in Singapore will start your HDB 3-room flat renovation process.

Handover Process

After your home interior design and renovation project is completed, our team will provide you with a comprehensive tour and explanation of all the installed features and components.


Tell us about your ideas, and we will give you an estimated price and plans.

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