5-Room HDB Renovation Package

To be decorating as many as 5 rooms for your HDB resale or BTO flat, it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. There are countless things to consider, from effectively planning each area to contacting the relevant furniture suppliers. With a growing list of renovation to-dos, there’s a lot that goes into executing a 5-room HDB home renovation well. This is why depending on the extent of changes you plan to make for your home, it may be best to work with the best interior design company for a smooth renovation process. From upgrading specific rooms to complete remodeling of all 5 rooms in your HDB flat, you can explore various renovation packages before making a decision.



A common mistake that many homeowners in Singapore make is, underestimating the accumulated costs and unforeseen expenses of the renovation works. Be it a 5-room HDB resale or BTO flat, to make your renovation a success, engaging an interior design company like Zenith Arc may be a more economical choice in the long run. Besides choosing the right 5-room HDB renovation package that suits your desired budget, you can also expect innovative design solutions based on your requirements.
Here at Zenith Arc, client satisfaction is our utmost priority. With our comprehensive knowledge and designing experience, our team of the best interior designers in Singapore will give you expert advice as to how to best approach your 5-room HDB renovation project. And to guarantee satisfaction, you will also get a preview of the final outcome of your home renovation through the visuals of our master design plan. We will then proceed with the 5-room HDB renovation process upon your confirmation.

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Decided to embark on a 5-room HDB resale renovation project? Perhaps you’ve just gotten your keys to your HDB BTO flat and need all 5 rooms to be renovated to meet your design ideals? Zenith Arc offers 5-room HDB renovation packages that are designed to meet all your interior needs. To get started, browse through some of our interior design works for more inspiration for what you’ll like to achieve for your home. Besides 5-room HDB renovation packages, we also offer HDB 3-room flat renovation and 4-room HDB renovation packages in Singapore. Feel free to contact us for more information. We will be glad to assist you in creating a functional living space that suits your lifestyle.


1. Is it expensive to renovate a 5 room HDB flat in Singapore?

The cost of your 5 room HDB renovation depends on the types of work you require. At Zenith Arc, we will first meet with you to go through your requirements, and then provide you with suggestions based on our experience and understanding of the latest modern house interior design themes. We will then provide you with a renovation package that is competitive and value-for-money.

2. What is the most popular interior design style in Singapore?

Interior design styles are highly personalised and therefore should reflect the personalities of the homeowners. However, if you are looking for some design inspiration, there are always trending themes to choose from. In Singapore, the Scandinavian house interior design has stayed timeless for years, while the industrial interior design injects an air of masculinity and character without breaking the bank.

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