Renovation Package

Just got the keys to your new BTO or 4-room resale flat or are simply looking for a convenient way to revamp your HDB 4-room abode? A makeover is always the go-to option, and our team of the best renovation contractors in Singapore will ease you through your HDB 4-room renovation project.

Transform numerous 4-room HDB flats into beautiful and functional homes by teams who are passionate about creating stunning and practical living spaces that reflect your lifestyles and personalities.


Minimal remodelling*

Extensive remodelling*

$10,000 to $25,000

$30,000 or more


*These are just estimates, and our contractors will be able to give you more specific information during your pre-renovation consultation.

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Wall hacking and works$500 – $1500 per wall
Flooring$3 – $20 per square feet
Ceiling works$3 – $20 per square feet (false ceiling)
Electrical works$50 – $400 per installation (depending on service)
Plumbing$60 – $300 (depending on service)
Bathroom fittings$200 – >$1000 (depending on the quality of fittings purchased)
Painting$700 – $1000
Tiling$6 – $12 per square feet
Carpentry works$150 – >$1000
*All costs shown are estimates. The table above is meant as a general guide, and does not include additional costs for consultation fees, labour, or purchase of furniture and furnishings.



Before commencing any work on our client’s homes, we engage in thorough consultations with our clients, internal team, vendors, and expert consultants to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and can deliver the best results.

Space & Design Planning

Offering 3D visuals before you formally engage in our HDB 4-room renovation services, our modern home interior design services are personalised to your needs. Working with the distinctive architecture of your floor plan, we take on a unique approach when executing projects, achieving aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Confirmation of Contract

We work closely with you to identify the best design solutions that align with your vision and expectations. Once we’ve established a plan that you’re happy with and the budget has been approved, we proceed to finalize the contract to bring your dream home to life.

Renovation Process

As part of our renovation process, we focus on removing any unnecessary structures and outdated furniture pieces to create space for new, modern structures.

Handover Process

After the successful completion of your home interior design and renovation project, our team will provide you with a comprehensive tour and explanation of all the newly installed features and elements in your home.


Tell us about your ideas, and we will give you an estimated price and plans.

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