Top 10 Most Popular and Latest Interior Designing Styles That You Need To Know

Top 10 Most Popular and Latest Interior Designing Styles That You Need To Know

Most Popular & Latest Interior Designing Styles That You Need To Know

Planning to decorate or redecorate your home and looking for some inspirational interior designs? Here are some of the most popular and interesting interior design styles that you would love to explore and add an extra touch spark to the attraction to interiors. The history of interior designing has been more popular and adaptive since the 17th century where the French designs with modern furniture, shallow button tufting and iconic pieces added charm to the interiors. There are common query that most of the home owners from all over the world have is which interior design style would best suit their homes?

Most of the clients even run out of the vocabulary to explain the type of interior that you want or wish to have. There are so many styles that choosing one from the list could be challenging at times. However, in this post we have made the complex problem simple by selecting only the most popular ones and also matching it with type of look you would love to choose. These interior design styles are can be combined with different elements and blends to give personalized touch of own.

1. Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

The term ‘Modern’ of interior designing style is a broad term which refers to crisp and clear lines, simple yet attractive colour palettes, usage of artistic materials and neat arrangement of the components. The materials used in the interior designing of Modern style includes glass, metal, and steel. Majorly the colorless materials with a shade of white and grey. The modern interior design majorly focuses on simple but elegance touch including the furniture. Another term that is commonly used to define the Modern interior style is Sleek, because the design avoids clutter.

2. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

The ‘Modern’ and the ‘Contemporary’ are commonly used interchangeably. The contemporary design is different than the modern design. The basic different between the contemporary interior design and the modern interior design is that the later is the clear interpretation of the designs from the 20th century and the contemporary uses more fluidic representation. In most of the contemporary designs, you will find curvy lines whereas in modern design it will not be.

3. Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

The most popular concept of interior designing in Singapore is minimalist. The minimalist design includes the modern designs and simplifies it further. The colour palettes used in the minimalist interior designing are simple, airy and neutral. The furniture arrangements are also simple and pretty streamlined. The accessories and décor are not used excessively and only if required. The design concept and functionality is as the name suggests – Minimalist.

4. Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design

As the name implies, this design majorly focuses on the industrial segment like the warehouse, urban loft, etc. The concept and flavor of this design is more towards the rawness of elements that are uncommon in other interior designing styles. The exposed brickwork, wood work, etc. are common signs of the industrial interior design style. It can also be used for home designing with specific additions to make it renovated. The components used in the industrial designing can include high ceilings, timber wood, metal lights, and functional furniture. The colour themes are mostly woody and metallic.

5. Mid-century Modern Interior Design

Mid-century Modern Interior Design

If you wish to redecorate your luxurious home with the style of 1900, basically the 1950s or ‘60s then you would love to explore the Mid-century modern interior designs style. The elements used in the design are minimalistic and it adds a nostalgic flavor which it shapes it into very beautiful interior. The organic shapes of furniture, contemporary designs, basic fabrications and beautiful paired forms are interesting things that makes it a popular choice of home owners.

6. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design

The simplicity of the Scandinavian design is what makes it more popular. In fact if you see most of the homes in the Nordic countries then you find a common style of decoration which is pretty similar to the Scandinavian. Based on the all-white flavor of the design, it uses elements like white wood forms, bright plastics, white shaded metals like aluminum-steel, and wide planks. Usage of light colours are minimal and bright colours are none, depending on the choice.

7. Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design

The traditional interior design majorly focuses on the classic details, large amount of accessories and furnishings. It is inspired from the European style of interiors. The usage of dark woody furnishers, bright colour palettes, curved lines, and different types of textures showcases traditional designing style. Use of velvet, patterns and textures are common signs.

8. Transitional Interior Design

Transitional Interior Design

The transitional interior design is the most popular design in the current age which facilitates appealing balance with the use of modern materials like glass, furnishings, steel, etc. The colour palettes are neutral and charming. The relaxed space gives a stylish as well as relaxing feel to the house.

9. French Country Interior Design

French Country Interior Design

The warm and soft tones of earth colours like yellow, gold or natural materials in any home means it has been designed based on the French country design style. Woody furnishings and ornamental designs with heavy linen and bed covers showcases French country design. It is inspired from the native France interior designing style.

10. Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design

Last, but not the least, the Bohemian interior design as the name suggests focuses more on the lifestyle of carefree and fashionable style. The use of vintage furniture, rugs, collections, and colorful textile showcases the Bohemian style. The warm and hugging interior design with chandelier, mid century chairs, and neutral colour theme offers a relaxing atmosphere to home.

Planning to make your house a beautiful home?

There are many more styles that you can choose from. If you need more information or tailored interior design in Singapore that suit your home decorum then get in touch with us.

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