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Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips for Homeowners in Singapore

Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips

The idea of having a practical yet stylish kitchen sure sounds enticing but to get there, there’s much to take into account as you put together the heart of your home. With many design elements worth considering for your home renovation, how can you decide what’s best for your cooking space? To help you out, here are some essential tips to guide you through what your kitchen really needs:

1. Plan your kitchen layout

For starters, a well-thought-out kitchen layout will increase the practicality of your everyday kitchen usage. The best way to go about this by making sure that it’s first and foremost convenient to navigate around the kitchen, given the considerations of your space. As such, you’ll want to begin with planning the placement of your built-ins and large-scale furnishings. This can help you rule out the extra design elements and focus on the more important things first. The last thing you want is to always hit against a cupboard handle or knob that’s always in the way.

To help you visualise your kitchen interior design, it can be useful to sketch everything out on paper as a reference for measurements. On the other hand, you can select larger items more efficiently with the help of a reliable interior designer.

2. Prioritise function

With that in mind, make it a point to evaluate each design element based on comfort and function – and this goes hand in hand with planning out your kitchen layout. You may have a distinctive style in mind but beyond aesthetics, it is more important to focus on the functionality of your major appliances. Especially for home improvement projects, you probably already know the specific areas that need attention. But if you are remodelling your new space before moving in, it can be a challenge as you get started on the decorating process. Here are some additional points to take note of as you design your dream kitchen:


As a start, take into account your storage needs. Ideally, you’ll want a dedicated place for everything, be it appliances, food, utensils, containers etc, while keeping them within reach. If you have a small kitchen space, keep an eye out for smart space-saving solutions to keep things organised and make the most out of this room. This can include your counter space and cabinets.


With that being said, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve got lighting in all the right areas. This includes installing general, task and accent lighting which will provide a safe and functional space for your kitchen tasks.


Good ventilation is also a key component of a pleasant cooking environment. To improve air circulation and avoid any lingering smells, don’t forget to pair a proper range hood with your stove or cooker hob. It’ll do wonders in keeping not just your kitchen but the rest of your interior clean and hygienic.

3. Double check the renovation rules of your property

Once you’ve got the style and function of your kitchen design settled, remember to confirm that it meets the permits and guidelines of your property type in Singapore. If you are managing your HDB renovation by yourself, for instance, and it requires any demolition works, that will require HDB’s prior written approval.

On the other hand, if you are engaging an interior design company, make sure that the company is from the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) which will guarantee they are well-versed in the dos and don’ts of HDB’s requirements. To learn more before you proceed with your renovation, you can take a look at this overview covered by HDB.

Ready to Elevate Your Kitchen Space?

And there you have it – our top three essential tips to go about your kitchen renovation. If you are in need of more useful advice, the expertise of a trusted boutique interior design firm like Zenith Arc can be extremely helpful to help you achieve the best end results.

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