Signature Park Condo

Signature Park Condo

A simple with impactful Modern Interior Design for a 3-room condominium at Signature Park. Detailed planning lowered the whole renovation cost and also effectively created a appealing kitchen design.

Renovation Price: $110,000 SGD
Completion Time: 8 weeks
Design Style: Modern
Year of Project: 2016
Works Included
car pentry
False Ceiling Icon
False Ceiling
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Wallpaper Icon
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Feature Wall

A Little About Project

Project Details

Signature Park 3-room condominium renovation works includes carpentry works, featured wall for living room, false ceiling at all area to allow a more cozy environment, plumbing for bathroom, wall painting for all rooms and fixing of wallpaper.

The focus point will be the section between living room and kitchen, the mini bar area is designed with a small dining table to cater for more guest. Full height glass door has been installed to separate the main kitchen area which makes the whole place much more appealing, considering the current modern trend, island kitchen has been implemented for easier management and cooking for home owner top chef!

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