25 Terrasse Lane

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Terrasse Lane 4-room condominium renovation was done during the initial establishment of Zenith Arc, managed by our managing director Jordan. The Minimalistic and Modern interior design was planned to give off an extravagant and posh feeling with great comfortability especially at balcony area.

Renovation Price: $35,000 SGD
Completion Time: 4 to 6 weeks
Design Style: Modern, Minimalistic
Year of Project: 2016




The colour theme for the whole house uses white and light brown monochromatic scheme for simplicity and avoiding complexity, making the space clean and bright. False ceiling was installed with cove lighting that can provide both direct and indirect lights to shine at all area, adding on with crystal lighting at dining area, it gives you the feeling of eating meals at a high-class restaurant everyday.

Another area to emphasize would be the bookshelves area that comes with a custom made movable ladder just beside the balcony, warm dark brown colour theme was planned for a pleasant and homely feel. Books lover can simply grab a book and head to the romantic balcony for best relaxation.

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