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Top Eight Amazing Interior Designing Trends of 2018

Interior Design Trends for 2018

Technology has left no industry untouched including the interior designing segment. Every year there are several new innovations and creative ideas which you can see in the market. With latest accessories, lighting, materials and much more, the concept of interior designing is reaching to a new bench mark. Within few months over, 2018 designs have already started hitting the market and gaining popularity. In order to bring forward some of the most amazing and popular interior designing of 2018, we have listed few below.

Spa Bathroom

Spa Bathroom

Undoubtedly everyone wants to have a bathroom that looks similar to the five star hotel bathroom. The latest addition in the interior designing trends looks like Spa Bathroom which seems to have maximum requests and searches online. For complete peace and relaxation, interior designers can also innovate with Jacuzzi and colourful tiles that match with room décor.



As per the latest reports by the team of MADE.com, 2018 is all about the textures and fabrics used in various materials. Leather and velvet are among the top in the list of materials list. For soft furnishing most of the designers use the velvet fabric materials while the leather fabric is still choice for the bedroom.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers

Interior designers across the world have started using colourful plants and flowers within rooms, offices and commercial centres to give a natural colouring design. The vibrant natural colours of the plants and flowers add spark to the attraction of the room and commercial properties. By the by, it is also ensured that the plants and flowers are not just added for the aesthetic value but actually offering it proper space and care.


Terrazzo Texture

Back in the 70s and 90s, terrazzo was a major hit and since then the popularity had gradually reduced. But in 2018, it is observed that terrazzo designs back in the market and booming faster than before. Interior designers are welcoming the stone designs once again with open arms.


Ceiling Design

Gone are the days when 3D ceilings and designed lightings were capturing the attention. The latest trend of 2018 showcases statement ceilings which transforms the entire room into different segments. The colour of walls, carpets and ceiling are completely different than each other.

Dark Woods

Dark Wood

Wooden materials have always been on the top of the list of interior designers. Whether it is your living room furnishings or library, dark woods suits the best for all. Walnut textured dark wood have become the latest trend for adding new depth in the room furnishing.

Bright Colour Doors

Bright Colour Doors

Doors are part of your house and it is also given equal treatment when it comes to interior designing. The latest 2018 trends shows that show stopping bright coloured doors can not only add value to the existing colour theme but make your home or office stand out from others. Neon doors, yellow doors and sky blue doors are highly in demand among the interior designers.

The New Metallic

Metallic Wall Color

Interior designers are also experimenting with new metallic colours rather than the same old rose gold and yellow gold metallic items. Right from brass to nickel, interior designers have come up a long from the conventional options to give an extra treatment to the design.


There are many more designs and trends which we shall cover in our next post. If you need any professional assistance with the interior designing or wish to add to the list or share your experience then talk to our interior designer on +65 9061 5051.

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