Upcoming Unique Interior Design Ideas to Stylize Your Home in 2020

Upcoming Unique Interior Design Ideas to Stylize Your Home in 2020

Upcoming Unique Interior Design Ideas to Stylize Your Home in 2020

Just like technology, the world around it changes too. Almost every year, we see little incremental or major changes in the vicinity of the spaces we live in and that’s due to moving design trends happening in the world of interior design. The Innovations done by the interior design companies to stylize your dwelling move quite quickly too, save for the classics that always stay.
Metropolitan cities of places in Singapore and its neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Bangkok, and Others have been on a trendsetting rise of interior design revolution from the past decade. People in the vicinity of Singapore have been designing their homes beautifully with the assistance of interior design companies consisting of highly skilled interior designers. The interior design ideology applied by such firms is so unique that you are bound to notice them easily and get surprised, even though you are not following the trends of interior design companies.
There falls a gap of fewer than two months between you and me welcoming the year 2020 in our lives. We can’t help but wonder what new design trends do the interior design companies have in mind for the next year. The experts at Zenith Arc, an interior design company based in Singapore, presents its predictions:

1. Metal Accents:

Interior design trends in 2019 started on a unique note. No one would have expected the black tapware to be at the forefront of design trends but it did. Senior Designers at Zenith Arc predicts that the upcoming year will be all about different metal accents. The designer further says people are much attracted to faux and polished metal-like looking accents in their ambiances and they wouldn’t be surprised if the usage of actual metal accents caught up in the next year. Faux accents like Aluminium and Bronze are already booming up their way up the trends in the interior design company community.

2. Glass:

“Glass, just like any metal can be molded into several shapes and that’s the beauty of it”: say the interior design experts at Zenith Arc. Various forms of glass-like frosted, glazed, folded and others have been quite popular among the Singapore residents from the past couple of years. With so many forms of glass catching attention these days, it will be no surprise to see the fluted glass back in action. This form of glass is also known as textured glass with vertical cylinders or ribbed glass. Such kind of glasses has less to none see-through visibility across them, so they are also popular among the category of privacy glasses.

This is a trend that even the traditional artists saw it coming. The artists argue that the comeback of the glasses in the interior designs is a tribute to the Art deco era in true sense. Modern applications of glasses go to even swap them in place of hard rocks, apart from their standard application in boosting the interior ambiance in the form of vertical hangers and art sculptures.

3. Feminist Elements:

The 21st century is all about putting women to the forefront of society. Feminism and its related activities have been catching up lately, putting more emphasis on the importance of women in society. Such influence is seen in the interior design philosophy as well. Malaysian and Singaporean cities have been quick to adopt this trend and have already made it booming this year before it hits in a trending list in 2020.

Proof of such design philosophy can be seen in a variety of silhouettes. Feminine silhouettes boast softer and curvier lines as opposed to strong creases of the standard types. Additionally, such kind of unique design philosophy goes hand in hand with different types of raw material such as the brass, stones, woods and the concrete, giving an outstanding look to lamps, vases, chandeliers, seating, corners and such with a much more streamlined linear look. Zenith Arc too believes in putting this kind of women-first philosophy in society and has been working with senior designers to ensure that this unique design philosophy is maintained.

4. Magic of Handmade items:

Hands are where all the creations began. Though they may be inaccurate and imperfect when compared to machine precise items, they have a perspective or two that always has people coming for them. Handmade items have an aesthetically appealing feel which adds life to any type of interior design.

They add a new kind of aura to any kind of interior space they are added to. Some of the niche examples of this kind of item include handmade ceramics, wood arts, sculptures, posters, wall hangings, crafts and many more.

5. Origin feel:

There are always that kind of design choices that let you stay close to nature. The best thing about such kind of interior design choices is that they easily complement any kind of interior design space. They have a soft, soothing appeal to the eyes and often raise a happy refreshing feeling among us.

With people being already attracted to stone and rock-based textures in Singapore, the zenith arc interior design company experts also predict that several other earthly elements will catch up soon. Some of the popular examples of such origin textures include woods, tweed, mud, dust, greens, muted, felt, yarns, silks and similar.


There was an era in the late ’90s when people were obsessed with the intake of panel design. Fast forward into late 2019 and we can already see how people are turning back to this sophisticated design philosophy to make it a successful trend in 2020. Several interior design companies like Zenith Arc are collaboratively together with a team of different interior designers to ensure the best of paneling experiences are delivered to the home designing customers.

What’s more special about this design trend is its affordability. It is one of the cheapest solutions to make any corner of your house make look special while offering an outstanding vibe. Living rooms and bedrooms are where its best applications are at.

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