Why Choose Industrial Design Style

Why Choose Industrial Design Style

Why Choose Industrial Design Style

All around the year, many people in Singapore choose to give their homes a fresh makeover. This can be anything from painting the house to renovating it. If you have recently renovated your house or built a new one, the next step is to decide what kind of interior design you wish to have in your house.

The interior design style that you choose for your home reflects your character, and it gives guests a look into your character and lifestyle. Many people like it to be trendy and sleek, with a bright colour palette which echoes feelings of happiness into the entire household.

However, many people prefer the old school way of things, and choose to go for industrial design style, which is an old classic coming into play in recent years. Many celebrities and restaurant owners are adapting to this classic comeback, and people are falling head over heels for it.

Just because it is old school, doesn’t mean that we are talking about red bricks and large open windows. Industrial design style is a perfect blend of the rawness of old time houses and modern sleek designs.
Here are some reasons why industrial design style is as great idea.

It Has No Boundaries

no boundaries

Yes, you read that right. When you are adapting industrial design style, you don’t have to feel restricted by a set of ideas or rules. Your house is your canvas, and you can make it as raw as you want. Just the plain, simple ideas work wonders once you implement them and sit back and watch.

For example, many people go with exposed pipes and wiring throughout the house, which gives the home an unfinished look. Exposed ceilings are all the rage nowadays, as well. This look is very popular with design enthusiasts nowadays, and to the viewer it gives the feel that you are a very sincere and straightforward person.

If you are going for a more vintage look, you can do a lot by using wood and metal in furniture and fittings. Not only does it give the desired industrial look, it also keeps your home a modern touch.

A Lot of Space

lot of space

Free space is something that we all yearn for in our homes. Most people struggle to make space in their houses. However, you do get to free up much needed space when you go for industrial design style, as it gives you the freedom of setting your furniture in the way you want, and design fixtures in a way that they take minimal space and are useful to the fullest. Industrial design focuses on creating wide pathways and less clutter, so that you have a lot of space to move around, and do not have to move furniture around to make space.

Lots of Natural Light

lots of natural light

Natural light gives a very bright aura to the house, and gives the entire home a healthy and happy radiance. Many design enthusiasts and homeowners prefer to keep long, wide windows to keep the light flowing in, and most also prefer to have transparent ceilings. Another added advantage of having natural light flowing in is that you do not need lighting during the day, and it saves energy costs as well.

If you are not a fan of natural lighting and prefer to keep the curtains drawn, you need not worry. Industrial design style has a little bit of something for people for all kinds of design tastes. You can mix it up with your favourite styles to create an entirely new fusion which complements your house.

It is Tailored to Your Budget

tailored to your budget

One of the greater benefits of using industrial design style is that you can stick to your budget while giving your house the industrial style makeover. Without spending a fortune on design, or hiring an interior designer, you can beautify your home sweet home as you want it.

People spend a lot of money on concealing wires and pipes, and installing ceilings to hide the stuff people should not see. Since industrial design brings everything out in the open, there is no need for concealment anymore! So you end up designing your home on a much smaller budget that you had set aside, and your home looks trendy and classic as ever.

Another big cost associated with interior design is that of the furniture and fixtures that you need to buy or build. If you are going for wood and metal, you can buy these in a large quantity for cheaper prices, and build the kind of furniture and fittings you need. If you are not a master at the craft, you can always hire a carpenter to do the handy work for you.

Industrial design is not about expensive furniture or ornaments. So you have a big advantage in terms of cost savings while your home looks as good as new.

So now you know why so many people in Singapore and across the world are choosing industrial design style for their Home Interior Design. From its raw yet modern appeal to great aesthetic pleasure, industrial design has made a comeback and is here to stay. Get in touch with Zenith Arc leading Interior Design Company Singapore, we offer best interior design solution at competitive rates.

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