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10 Ways to Beautifully Renovate Your Home on a Budget

10 Ways to Beautifully Renovate Your Home On a Budget

When it comes to home renovation, one of the biggest things to consider is cost. House transformation requires plenty of research and sifting through your financials to come up with a suitable budget. But what would you say to the fact that you can give your house a sophisticated facelift and save money at the same time?

Surprised, right? Well here are 10 awesome tips to breathing new life into your home without spending too much.

1. A Complete Cosmetic Do-Over

Complete Home Renovation

When it comes to home renovation in Singapore, a competent and sly corrective makeover scheme can boost the initial value of your house by an average of 5%. You should start by first getting rid of ragged and stained carpets and throw away all the clutter you don’t need. Remove fitter furniture that has gotten old or if you really don’t see any use for it, especially when their damaged. You can also opt for repairing the damages to the wall, priming them for a fresh paint job.

2. Brainstorm Clever Ideas for Interior Design

Brainstorm Clever Ideas Interior Design

The DIY angle gives you a lot of time to brainstorm for clever ideas via the help of the internet of course. However, understand that before you do anything, you will have to plan your every renovation move. But because you’re doing this as a collective effort or with the help of your friends, you may easily be able to focus on the entirety of your desires and consider all the small parts. You will be in charge of everything, which means no interior designer fee!

3. Setting Up a Connected Shower Room

Shower Room

Having a connected shower room that also makes up a part of your master bedroom is absolutely delightful. As part of renovation Singapore, the en suite will provide you plenty of privacy and you will not have to wait outside the bathroom, standing in a queue, especially if you have a big family. You may need to on-board a contractor for planning this. But rest assured you will not need a very large space.

4. Ensure Your Lawn or Backyard is Neat and Clean

Lawn Neat and Clean

If you talk about an interior design company in Singapore, you will hear a lot of emphasis put on how good your garden should look. Moreover, a nice, trimmed and de-cluttered garden can also fetch a slightly higher price, adding more value. Plus, you can do it yourself, which means driving down costs further. All you have to do is get rid of all the dead plants, clear the weed growth, trim the shrubs and small trees, and play with some contouring, giving your plants shaped corners.

5. Make Your Small Rooms Look Slightly Bigger

Rooms Look Slightly Bigger

In house renovation, homeowners are always looking to optimize small rooms, getting all sorts of expensive installations. The best way to make small rooms look relatively big is invest in mirrors. You can beautifully place mirrors around the room and throw in some new, cost-effective yet trendy paintings on the walls completely transforming the place.

6. Renovating the Floors

Renovating Floors

If you’re on a tight budget, then redoing the floors could cost you a lot of money. But what you could do is work around the problem – that is if you can’t find an installation that suits your budget. Try to renovate your rooms based on the design of the floor – simple!

7. Renovating the Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation

You would be pleasantly surprised to check out the variety of cheaply affordable yet quality bathroom accessories you can get your hands on to decorate your bathroom. With the right plants and some toilet fixtures, you can transform your bathroom in a mini personal spa.

8. Adding Space in your Kitchen and Storage Space

Kitchen and Storage Space

No home renovation is complete without decluttering the kitchen. Getting rid of rubbish and things that you do not use anymore will solve a lot of storage problems for you. Not to mention your kitchen will start to look bigger than before. You don’t need to spend money on decluttering.

9. Paint

House Wall Paint

If you’re renovating your entire house, it will make sense to add a fresh coat of paint. Paint affects the lighting in house. If you’re on a tight budget, buying different colours and types of paints will become expensive. Instead, just opt for a neutral palette. E.g. black and white works wonders.

10. Doors Are a Vital First Impression

House Doors

The first thing anybody is going to see when they come to your house are doors. If you don’t want new doors installed, it is better that you repaint them as per the scheme of your new renovation.

All in all, these are some of the most convenient and affordable ways you can renovate your home without breaking your bank. Good luck!

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