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Zenith Arc understands that every home remodeling project is unique on their own, it might be just upgrading the look or enhancing the setup for more efficient use of space or complete remodeling of the entire structure, it is a huge project. Moreover, it your home – your loving home which has protected and loved you like own. So when it comes to remodeling your home, it is important that you choose someone with good experience and expertise in the field. Someone who can give you desired results, handle the house with same emotion as yours and make it look not less but more than before. Zenith Arc have a team of experienced architect, designer and construction staff who are specialized in Home renovation services. We listen, understand, implement and execute ideas which gives aesthetic look and mirroring your lifestyle in your living space. Contact us now for any home remodeling work on +65 9061 5051 and we ensure quality service at affordable rates.

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The Process

Be it home renovation or remodeling, every project is important for us and every request of the customer is given detailed attention. Whether you choose us for specific renovations like kitchen, bedroom, study room or living room, our team will assist you accordingly with same enthusiasm. We follow a standard process which enables us to be on the same platform with our customers and view the same thing that see for their loving home. For any home renovation project we use standardized material, best products and latest design trends which outcomes quality home interior. Our thoughtful design process allow us to conceptualized client house renovation requirements that adds style, beauty and quality to your home reborn.

Determine Project ScopeListen to Customers

We believe in every innovation starts from listening to the requirements clearly and thoroughly. We don’t listen for listening but we listen to understand so that we can speak, think and see the same that our customers are seeing.

Design Master PlanAnalyze and Research

Customers come up with the home renovation ideas that they need but it our responsibility to identify and suggest what additional makeover that we can offer as per the current trends and styles in the market. So based on the requirements placed by the clients, our renovation team will research and identify the additional changes that will look great for your home.

Refine Design per BudgetDemonstrate Sample

We ensure that the communication between us and our client. We create a demo which enables them to understand what we plan to offer based on their requirements and how it will look.

Drawing and PermitsInitiate Project

We initiate the project based on the client confirmation and ensure that we use only the genuine parts and accessories for the home renovation. We ensure that our experienced staff is deployed and all safety measures are taken. We align a project manager who acts as the single point of contact for all your queries and updates.

Start ConstructionDelivery

Once the project is completed, we have a stringent quality control team which ensures the complete survey and site check up to ensure that is no flaw in the entire home renovation. Even a minor change or flaw is reported to the project manager and asked to rectify.

Project CompletionOrientation

The project manager assigned to your project will provide you complete orientation of each new feature, space utilization and facilities added to the renovated home. Before handing over to clients, our team will make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with the results.

Innovative Home Renovation by Zenith Arc

At Zenith Arc, we love working with structures. In fact that is what we are born for and we work with clients like it is our home. We believe in delivering tested and well-crafted home remodeling projects. Whether it’s a commercial or residential space we planned professionally including various aspects like space utilization, energy efficiency, usefulness, unique design and much more. As per our client’s requirement, we work on the existing things as well and modify it tremendously to give it a new yet unique design considering its functionality. Choosing us will enable you to get access to some of the highly experienced and expert team of architects and engineers who have spent more than a decade in home renovation projects.

From residential renovation to commercial properties, we have been part of several transformational designs in the past decade. With seamless project management and exceptional results, we have been able to stay ahead in the competitive industry. Whether you choose our home renovation services for small or large project, we assure that you will only get the best in class customer service and best results from Zenith Arc. Our strong knowledge, ability to innovate using advanced technology and an asset of experienced interior designer team is our key to success.

Our home renovation services include:

  • Windows replacement and sliding services
  • Attic insulation and energy efficient renovation
  • Kitchen and bath remodeling
  • New construction, additions and porches
  • Complete home interior renovation & remodeling

To book your order for remodeling your home, call us at +65 9061 5051 or email us at jordan@zenitharc.com.sg

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