As one of the best interior design firms in Singapore, Zenith Arc understands that every home renovation project is unique on its own. Be it a simple upgrade to enhance the look, optimising the setup for more efficient use of space or a complete remodelling of the entire structure, home renovation is a huge project. Moreover, it is your home – your humble abode which has protected and loved you like its own. So when it comes to remodelling your home, it is important that you choose a house renovation company with good experience and expertise in the field. Work with house renovation contractors who can give you desired results, treat the house with the same emotion as yours and make it look not less but more than before. Our interior design firm has a team of experienced architects, designers and construction staff who specialise in home renovation services. We listen, understand and execute ideas to give your home an aesthetic look while mirroring your lifestyle in your living space.

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When considering engaging the services of a house renovation company in Singapore, most homeowners will have the cost of their services at the top of their minds. Since the final cost of a renovation is dependent on several factors such as the type of property, the size of the apartment, the extent of renovation works, and other factors, there is no one-size-fits way to determine the cost to complete the project. In general, light renovation works that only cover minimal structural changes for one room in a house can range anywhere from $500 to $7000. Extensive renovation works on large condominium apartments where there will be major structural changes such as tiling, hacking of walls, carpentry, flooring, installation of false ceilings, and the like can cost above $125,000 and more.

Before selecting a house renovation company to work with, it is important to determine the exact work you need done so that the home renovation contractors are better able to bring your vision to life. Moreover, this will provide the contractors and designers with information to provide a more accurate estimate and quote. 

We’ve listed some of the common types of properties and the estimated renovation costs to give you a better idea of how much it will cost to engage the services of home renovation contractors in Singapore. Do note that these are merely estimates, and the final quotation is bound to be affected by factors such as quality of materials, labour, and any other add-ons. 

  Type of Property
  3-Room HDB Flat 4-Room HDB Flat 5-Room HDB Flat CondominiumCondo Landed PropertyLanded
Approximate Cost of RenovationApprox Cost $10,000 to $40, 000 $25,000 to $120,000 $40,000 to $140,000 $22,000 to $150,000 $30,000 to $600,000 & above 

The above table is meant as a general guide and does not include additional costs such as consultation fees, labour, or the purchase of furnishings. Do also note that the cost of renovation will also vary according to the type of residential home. For example, the cost of renovating a resale HDB flat or condominium apartment can cost 20 to 40% more in comparison to BTOs or newly constructed condominiums. 


Determine Project Scope

Listen to Customers

As an experienced house renovation company, we believe every innovation starts from listening to the requirements clearly and thoroughly. We don’t listen for the sake of listening but we do so to understand our customers’ needs. That way, we can envision what our clients truly want for their homes.

Design Master Plan

Analyse and Research

While our clients in Singapore come up with house renovation ideas, it is our responsibility to identify and suggest the makeovers that we can perform as per the current trends and styles in the market. So based on the requirements placed by the customer, our team of the best renovation contractors in Singapore will research and identify the additional changes that will look great for the home.

Refine Design per Budget

Demonstrate Sample

Once our team has provided advice on the furniture, wall and tile colour scheme, and overall interior design, we will implement a planned design so that you can utilise your home optimally. A real-world 3D drawing for your visualisation will also be provided before the start of the renovation.

Drawing and Permits

Initiate Project

We initiate the house renovation project upon the client’s confirmation and ensure that we use top-quality materials and machines to perform the renovation. Our experienced staff and contractors will be deployed and all safety measures will be taken. We will also assign a project manager who acts as a single point of contact for all your queries and updates.

Start Construction


Once the project is completed, we have a stringent quality control team that will conduct a complete survey and site check-up to ensure that there is no flaw in the entire home renovation. Even a minor change or flaw is reported to the project manager and the issue will be rectified as soon as possible.

Project Completion


The project manager assigned to your project will provide you with a complete orientation of each new feature, space utilisation and facility added to the renovated home. Before handing over the house, our team w


At Zenith Arc, we love working with structures. We work with customers like it is our home. We believe in delivering tested and well-crafted house renovation projects. We plan every home professionally and consider various aspects like space utilisation, energy efficiency, usefulness, unique design and much more. As per our customers’ requirements, we work on the existing structures or modify them tremendously to give them a new yet unique design while considering their functionality. Choosing us as your contractors for home renovation projects will enable you to gain access to a highly experienced and expert team of architects and engineers who have spent more than a decade in home renovation projects. We are one of the best house renovation contractors in Singapore you can trust.

From carrying out residential renovation to providing commercial interior design services, we have been part of several transformational designs in the past decade. With seamless project management and exceptional results, we have been able to stay ahead in the competitive industry. Whether you choose us as your contractor for a small or large home renovation project, rest assured that you will only get top-class customer service and the best results from Zenith Arc. Our strong knowledge, innovativeness and understanding of advanced technology make our experienced team of interior designers and contractors the key to a successful home renovation project.

Services offered by our contractors for home renovation include:

  • Windows replacement and sliding services
  • Attic insulation and energy-efficient renovation
  • Kitchen and toilet remodelling
  • New construction, additions and porches
  • Complete home interior renovation & remodelling


Choose us as your house renovation contractors in Singapore, and get the best results you could ever ask for. Call us at +65 9061 5051 or email us at

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1. Can I get a renovation loan for my home renovation works?

Whether you are buying a resale or Built-To-Order (BTO) HDB home, renovation works can come up to a pretty huge amount. As such, many homeowners in Singapore choose to take on a renovation loan to alleviate their financial burden. At Zenith Arc, our team will help you with your renovation loan application, should you need to explore this option.

2. Do I need to apply for the home renovation permit myself?

No, you don’t have to! Our team will take care of your renovation from start to finish, including dealing with administrative matters such as applying for the HDB renovation permit. As a reliable interior design firm in Singapore, you will enjoy the utmost care, focus and respect from us right here at Zenith Arc.

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