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Commercial Office Interior Design Trends for Post COVID-19

Commercial Office Interior Design Trends for Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working, this has upended our work life by altering how and where we do our jobs, making organizations to reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, secure, productive and enjoyable jobs and lives for their employees.

Due to this pandemic workplaces are bound to change drastically, we can now see the increased focus on employee health and sanitization. COVID-19 lead many changes in the workplace to deal with after the lockdown ends, it has changed a lot in our lifestyle and affected our work life the most.

Here we will discuss some newest office interior design trends for the post-COVID world. Now we need to assume a healthy building in this COVID-19 era and need to focus on more intense cleaning regimes, fresh air and natural light. This Pandemic forces us to trade off some privacy in exchange for safety and job security.

This Pandemic now teaches us to change the working flexibility to remote working. But as a business owner, we know that this sudden change in the workplace is not sustainable and productive because the working environment which we get at our office is not possible at home.

So, here are some impactful future office design trends for the post-COVID world which makes the office more hygienic and productive.

1. Focus on Individual Workspaces:

Individual WorkspacesBefore COVID-19 Pandemic, individuals have been moving towards the open office idea and were assuming that there will be no more individual booths because employee collaboration is increasing day by day. However, presently the COVID-19 is here to bring changes and demonstrating a man situated in a customized space with modifications to collaborates easily.

The concept of open office space has changed after the pandemic. Now, the social space of the office will continue to be used as a destination for rest for the employees and the boundaries between personal workspace and shared space will again become different.

It is now become mandatory to take precautions, the interior of the office will be designed according to the flexibility of the employee to increase productivity. The main focus should be the health of the employees by providing proper cleanliness and sanitization.

2. A Voice Tech Could Shape the Post-pandemic Workplace:

Individual WorkspacesAs the lockdown happened we as an employee found ourselves having a work from home and a large number of organizations found themselves unprepared when it came to offering employee necessary tools to remain productive for their works.

But as most of the organizations are trying to back on track they have been now spending on the technology needed for workplace safety. As we know that we can be easily influenced by COVID-19 by contacting objects as it stays dynamic for quite a while on everything. Surfaces such as seat, tables, switches, etc. that we come in contact in the workplace can be the reason for us going to ICU because of the deadly virus COVID-19.

As the technology is evolving day by day and changing every impossible thing to doable, people started using the smart device at home which works on your voice command and is touchless due to sensors.

No doubt that this technology increasing our luxuries and comforts and helping us by changing the concept of doing hard work into smart work in a safer way. In the office interior design, the use of automation and voice assistance feature will make the office environment safe for the employee.

3. Use of Antimicrobial Ingredients or Material to Place Inside the Office:

Silver Material ChairsIf you are trying to adapt safer office interior design then you should use natural material such as copper, brass or bronze that are easy to clean. Since this pandemic, we have been continuously advised to wash hands again and again for at least 20 seconds because this virus not only spread by touching other people but also get spread through touching objects or contaminated surfaces.

We all are in a habit of touching dozens of things in our workspace before this pandemic hence, it is advisable to use antimicrobial material as they have antimicrobial characteristics. The necessities such as the chair, table are available in copper and silver material also, steel and aluminium door or handle also having antimicrobial abilities.

4. Conference Room Setup Post-Pandemic:

Setup Conference RoomNow, it’s time to create a post-COVID conference room, we now understand physical distancing measures and the all-together- now vibe of office meeting spaces seems directly at odds. But in an organization, we need meeting rooms. After all, these kinds of spaces encourage effective collaboration, brainstorming and great teamwork that increase the overall productivity of any organization.

The primary goal behind calling workers into the office is to get proficient outcomes through a coordinated effort. But as per this pandemic situation, the business owners will need to partition long meeting room into parts so that two or three employees will work together maintaining social distancing. In this way, we can improve the working efficiency of the employees. Also, with this method, a small group of people can easily have a conversation with the person working from home.

Also, just like we are in habit now to see and follow the signs of the road marking to be in order, the company management can place the signs of social distancing to keep proper social distance between individuals.

Final Words:

This Pandemic COVID-19 teaches us a lot and has shown the weak points of residential and commercial areas based on safety. This makes all of us more health-conscious and accentuates eco-accommodating inside plan to shield themselves and friends and family from any infection transmission. The above newest interior design tips will help you and your employees to have a comfortable and healthy workspace without affecting the productivity of work. To create a safer office environment you can contact a good office interior design company that helps you to feel relaxed and reduce your stress level by making a safe workplace for you.

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