17 Yishun Close

17 Yishun Close

Yishun Condominium at Symphony Suites home renovation with 80 square meter space planning. Using the minimal budget while creating an impactful interior design that changes the whole house ambience.

Renovation Price: $22,000 SGD
Completion Time: 4 weeks
Design Style: Modern
Year of Project: 2019
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A Little About Project

Project Details

For this renovation, Zenith Arc has customized all carpentry works with using the best materials that can provide an amazing feeling for house owner. A tropical house feeling are created with the cutting works and workmanship that even the smallest flaw has been eliminated.

Flooring and wall tiles are not considered in this house renovation but to form a synergy that match the whole house, warm color tone cabinets, false ceiling and feature wall in the living room was used. We guaranteed to use the most premium materials that can last for decades with the lowest price available at Zenith Arc interior design company.

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