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450B Bukit Batok West Avenue 6

450B Bukit Batok West Avenue 6

The newly built up HDB flat in 2017/2018 interior design and renovation works was done by our senior interior designer. Home area is 93 square metre, careful and precise space planning need to be done to ensure no cluttered space. With minimal budget, a stylish looks has been made.

Renovation Price: $27,000 SGD
Completion Time: 6 Weeks
Design Style: Modern & Industrial
Year of Project: 2019
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A Little About Project


Project Details

Home renovation does not need to be costly, with creative interior design and careful planning the best visual looks still can be obtained. Without hacking of walls, false ceiling and electrical wiring works, cost has been reduced greatly.

Though cost is not as high, we ensure to use the best quality material for your house renovation. Colour scheme uses white as base and a unique appealing blue colour cabinets are used, giving a sleak and clean look but not creating a monotonous feel. A few areas are using glass panel and doors to enhance the whole home interior appearance.


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