75B Redhill Road

75B Redhill Road

Redhill resale flat home renovation with space of 105 Square metre and it 3 bedrooms. Interior designed by Jordan and full renovation takes about 7 weeks to complete, major works include hacking, tiling, false ceiling, basically almost everythign except furnitures and home appliances.

Renovation Price: $78,000 SGD
Completion Time: 7 Weeks
Design Style: Modern and contemporary
Year of Project: 2019
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Works Included
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Hacking Wall
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A Little About Project

Project Details

Interior space at 75B Redhill Road house was big enough to cater for home owner requirements, the area was planned meticulously to fit in the necessary furnitures and appliances for daily functional usage. Carpentry works focuses on warm wood colour as the background, all areas has been standardized with the same theme.

Walkway to master bedroom was created and customized with large wardrobe, with such idea the whole room are much more cosier but not too narrow to walk. A more unique design is on the main door entrance that comes with full height floating shoe rack. With creative planning and good colour selection, the traditional HDB flat has now become a modernized place for home owner.

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