Compassvale Road Luxurie Condo

Compassvale Road Luxurie Condo

Compassvale Luxurie condominium owner has selected a light colour scheme for their home renovation. The consistent usage of cabinets laminate with texture provides a clean and stylish interior design feel but also considering the functional usage for home owner.

Renovation Price: $60,000 SGD
Completion Time: 4 to 5 weeks
Design Style: Modern
Year of Project: 2017
Works Included
car pentry
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False Ceiling
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A Little About Project

Project Details

The home interior design was created with modern style but with a slight pinch of Scandinavian taste. Light wood furniture is used for brighter room space, a special customized TV feature wall was made for high quality texture to enhance the overall house aesthetic. A floating settee instead of a normal type makes the narrow walkway area more unique and spacious.

Carpentry works for bedroom includes a premium quality wooden panel with lights just behind the bed for a more romantical night ambience.

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