Office Interior Design: 12 Steps You Must Follow

Office Interior Design: 12 Steps You Must Follow

Office Interior Design: 12 Steps You Must Follow

Updating your office interior design can prove a vital component of your business’ success and growth. Keeping pace with the changing business trends is critical, and enhancing the interior design is a great way to improve overall performance. Yet, the process is easier said than done. Here are 12 steps you must follow when opting for office renovation in Singapore:

1. Set a Budget

Set a Budget

Money is the foremost consideration when planning an interior design project. Before you can start looking for an interior design company to plan and execute your job, you need a clear idea of the amount of money you can afford to spend. For instance, you have to account for décor, furniture, and cosmetic changes to your office space. All these items will cost money.

2. Change the Layout

Change Layout

Rather than overhauling the design and ambience of your office, you can instead repurpose the space available to you. Brainstorm ways to make optimal use of the square footage available to you. For instance, you can reposition the cubicles or even change the height of the ceiling to spruce up your office interior design.

3. Designate Areas

Designate Areas

Consult your interior designer to come up with a plan to designate the space available into different areas. The typical segmentation covers kitchen, cubicles, reception, and a waiting area for visitors. You should allot sufficient space for each area.

4. Foster Collaboration

Foster Collaboration

The modern trend is to create workspaces that foster collaboration. Optimising the office to facilitate teamwork also stimulates creativity and leads to an increase in efficiency. Not to mention, your staff will feel happier and more satisfied with their job. Keep in mind the conventional office design of setting up cubicles across the entire area is now obsolete.

5. Future-Proof Your Office Design

Future Proof Office Design

You need to keep the future needs of your business when upgrading your office design. Singapore is home to many companies that grew from small-scale establishments to multinational market leaders. Not only this, you also have to account for new technology that you might want to implement and redesigning your office space accordingly. Also, you may want to increase your staff in the near future without acquiring additional space and your office layout should address that need.

6. Remove Cable Clutter

Remove Cable Clutter

The average office today houses a large volume of equipment, including laptops, computers, modems, and printers. Each new piece of equipment means more wires and cables, which can eventually lead to considerable cable clutter. When you work with an interior design company Singapore is home to, you can ask the professionals to hide the cables out of sight, using integrated systems.

7. Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Absenteeism is fast becoming a challenge for companies to deal with, because employees often take time off work due to health issues. A majority of these problems arise from the workplace not being conducive to employee wellbeing. For example, you have to allow sufficient natural light into the office as well as upgrading the ventilation.

8. Optimise the Lighting

Optimise the Lighting

Continuing from the previous point, you have to optimise the lighting for your office. Research shows that natural light can improve your employees’ mood and boost their productivity. Install skylights and redesign windows to allow in more sunlight, while cutting down on artificial lighting. Not only will this benefit your bottom-line but also reduce energy costs.

9. Pick Furniture Wisely

Pick Furniture Wisely

When selecting furniture, you also have to take wear and tear into consideration, given that furniture in offices tends to undergo considerable usage. Needless to say, the furniture you select should gel with the décor of your office and not appear akin to an eyesore. Moreover, you have to consider your employees’ health and comfort as well.

10. Augment Storage Space

Augment Storage Space

You can also increase the storage space available in your workplace when opting for office renovation. Singapore is home to many vendors that offer modern, cutting-edge storage solutions for offices, including filing cabinets and storage walls. You can conveniently augment the storage space available by installing new fixtures.

11. Select the Right Colours

Select Right Colours

Factor the impact different colours have on employee mood and productivity. For instance, opting for a red or orange theme will enhance employee energy. Conversely, green induces a sense of comfort. In addition to the paint on the walls, you can also invest in artwork to live up the office space and improve the décor.

12. Incorporate Business Culture

Incorporate Business Culture

Your new-look office should be in line with industry standards, and more importantly, reflect your business culture. Branding is a great way to improve your reputation, making a great impression on visitors and employees. Reinforcing the work culture can also contribute to fostering employee loyalty and improve productivity.

So, there you go, follow these steps to update and upgrade your office interior design. Surely, you will be able to not just enhance the cosmetic appeal of your office but also boost the bottom-line.

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